Thursday, January 05, 2012

Project Christmas

Our church has a wonderful program each year called Project Christmas where small groups choose families from our community to adopt and bless with Christmas gifts.
Our small group decided to adopt one of my friend's precious students as well as a woman and her three daughters who have recently moved out of the homeless shelter. We all donated money and then we got to go on a shopping spree for them. Usually mostly toys and clothes are purchased, but because this family had just moved out of the homeless shelter they had many household needs. It was was such a joy to be able to bless them. Avery and Abby went with us when we shopped. They had a great time picking out things and were a big help. I am always thankful when Avery and Abby get to be a part of something like this where they get to learn the importance of giving and serving others. They were also with us when we delivered the gifts to the family and were able to see the gratitude expressed by the woman we were able to bless.
I am so thankful that our small group gave so generously to bless a young boy who has had a pretty rough life lately and a young family trying to make a fresh start.

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