Thursday, January 05, 2012

Granny's Birthday Party

On Monday, December 19th we headed down to Maggiono's in Plano for a special dinner with lots of extended family to celebrate Granny's 80th birthday. Wes's parents rented a large dining room there, so we could walk around and visit with everyone. Plus, all the kids could roam around and not have to be seated the whole time. It was great to be able to see everyone and catch up. Avery and Abby especially had a great time with their first and second cousins.
After dinner all the older girls (Avery and Abby's age) were standing near the front of the room. I told them that they should sing some Christmas songs. They loved the idea and immediately put their heads together to decide which songs they should sing. Tripp (our 3 year old nephew) even joined in with them. They did an awesome job and it was a special treat, I think, for Granny (and the others) to be entertained by these sweet kids.
Debbie hired a photographer, so I need to post some of those pictures when they are ready.
Granny was super pleased with the party and mentioned several times how much fun it was. We are blessed to have Granny in our lives, and it was a joy to celebrate her!

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