Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Little Actresses!

Every summer our church puts on a play for the community. Kids from all over are area are also invited to be a part of these plays. This year we did Rising Son which tells the life of Jesus. It was written by one of our very own talented moms, Kathy Pryor. The kids spend a week going to day camp and practicing for the three performances. The older kids actually practice in the evenings for a week before the day camp begins. This year is the first year Avery and Abby had lines in the play (understandably, most lines are given to the older kids and teenagers.) They were super duper excited and memorized all their lines before day camp started.
Avery was the Littlest Angel and had 3 lines which she nailed every time. Abby played the part of Bethany, a dead girl that Jesus heals. She did a marvelous job of lying 'dead' on the bed while the stage crew brought her out before the scene began. I half expected her to crack up. But, she never did. She was still until Jesus raised her and then she nailed her lines, too.
I got to help with the crafts during the day camp which was lots of fun. Janaga came up with all the crafts that had a special spiritual meaning for each one. That made it much more meaningful than some random fun crafts.
This year they also incorporated a another part into CTW where the kids prayed through out the building about many different topics, went through scenarios of making good decisions, and donated items for a Children's Hospital.

Each day had a dress up theme. This is what they picked out for "Wacky Wednesday".

Avery, the Littlest Angel.

The whole group of angels.

Abby as Bethany.

Abby acting dead before she is healed by Jesus.

Abby hugging and thanking Jesus.

Abby really got into waiving the palm leaves during "Hosanna". She would reach all the way to the floor and then back up again. So dramatic!

Avery also got to play a towns person in this scene.

Kaila blowing the crowd away with her gift of singing.

Our horse even made its acting debut as the colt
the disciples borrowed for Jesus to ride into town.

A townspeople scene.

Each year I am impressed by our talented group of kids as well as adults who make this happen. Our prayer is that it is an outreach to the community and another chance to be Jesus to those around us.