Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We had a great 4th of July! We had a parade at church for all our children. They decorated their bikes, cars, strollers, and golf carts in red, white, and blue. We decided to decorate the girl's Barbie car. Avery loved driving in the parade around the church and got several laughs. If any of you have this car you know it doesn't have breaks. When you take your foot of the gas petal it just screeches to a stop. So anytime Avery needed to slow down during the parade she came to a screeching halt, causing many people to chuckle and question her driving abilities. Neither of the girls have whiplash. I suppose their bodies are used to it. After the parade we headed inside the church for a delicious meal together, followed by Bible class. After Bible class we went to the Pryor's house to shoot off fireworks. When we first got there Avery was terrified of them. She kept saying she wanted to go home. Kathy Pryor was kind enough to take Avery, Abby, and their friend Grace in her house so they could play and feel safe. To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous sitting only 35 yards or so from where they were shooting them, but I did survive.

Avery in her 4th of July dress. Thanks again, Nana!

The girls preparing to start the parade in their decorated car.

Some of their pals getting excited about the parade.

The Sunday after the 4th of July we left for another week of camp. This time we took our middle schoolers to Camp Cornerstone on the campus of Oklahoma Christian. Wes was especially busy this week as he is one of two directors for this camp that had about 320 campers this year. I enjoyed going to classes, worship and other activities with our teens, thanks to some child care provided for the youth minister's children. The girls joined me for some of the afternoon activities with our teens. I got to lead a devo under the stars outside for all the girls at camp one night. I have done this before, but I still got a little nervous. It does help that it is dark outside, so I don't feel all their eyes on me. Is that weird?

The girls enjoyed being with the other minister's children and we even went on an outing to the Oklahoma City Zoo with some friends of ours, Heather (Teague) McCulley and her son Caleb. The girls had a ball seeing all the animals, riding the train, and playing on the playground. The weather was great. It was overcast and cool most of the time we were there which made it even more pleasant.

Avery wanted to get a picture on almost every statue at the zoo.

"ALL ABOARD! CHOO CHOO!" Abby said this many times.

Swinging at the playground.
We finally had to tell them we were really at the zoo to see the animals.

Caleb was such a good sport about getting on all the statues with Avery.

We watched these two playful grizzly bears for a long time.

This bear was napping right next to the glass allowing us a close view.

After we got from camp we celebrated my Dad's birthday with Aaron, Janet, and Mylen. We went to a catfish and sea food restaurant in town that Dad picked out and then we hung out at our house and ate some yummy cake that Janet made since we had just gotten back from camp. Avery was a little confused about why we weren't having a party for Grandpa. She just assumes everyone has a party on their birthday. It sure has been nice having Dad here in town close to us.

We adore being with our cousin Mylen!
(He looks so much like Aaron, doesn't he?)

We told them to make a silly face. I think Avery wins the prize!

Monday, July 02, 2007

God's Amazing Creation!

Last week the girls had VBS where the theme was God's Creation. Each day they learned new things about the days of creation. Every day they got to pet different animals that people brought up to our church. They saw and felt a miniature horse, donkey, pig, goat, kitten, puppy, turtles, and a gold fish. Okay, so they didn't pet the gold fish. I was a helper in the 5 year old class. We had an active group of 10 5 year olds. They sure kept us on our toes.

On Saturday Grandpa (my dad) joined us for a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium where saw even more of God's beautiful creation. I highly recommend taking your children there. The girls were in awe of all the different animals. Avery cracked me up with her protectiveness of Abby. If Abby got too close to the animals, or too close to the edge she would grab her and say, "Mom you need to hold her, she is getting too close!" What a sweet big sis! It was funny to see them with a look of concern when a big fish or a scary looking animal got close to them even though it was on the other side of the glass.

A couple of funny things happened during church on Sunday. At the end of a prayer Abby yelled, "AMEN!" Of course, everyone turned around and smiled. It was hilarious! I am just glad she was paying attention enough to realize when to say the "amen". Later, Abby accidentally bit her tongue. She stuck out her tongue and whispered, "Kiss it Mommy! Kiss it! I hurt tongue." I tried to dodge her tongue coming straight at my face, and aimed a kiss at her chin which just made me get slobber all over my nose. Lately, she has been saying, "Kiss it!" anytime she hurts herself no matter how big or small the boo boo.

Wes and I are going out on the town tonight for a date. We plan on going to dinner and then to the movies to see License to Wed - which looks pretty funny. Can't wait!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Dallas World Aquarium.

Our family in front of the huge aquarium.

Grandpa and Abby checking out the jungle.

The girls and I by the flamingos.

Avery holding on to Abby because she was getting "too close".

Avery finally giving her some freedom.
In case you were wondering, that is silly putty on Abby's shirt.


One of our dear friends, Jeff Duncum is a wonderful artist! He drew this picture of Abby for Wes as part of his birthday present. Isn't he talented! It is amazing! Abby, of course, loved it. She kept saying, "That's me! That's me!" over and over again when she saw it.

Jeff, you are truly talented, and we thank you for such a precious piece of art!

Sarah Jones actually took the picture that Jeff used back in April at Sea World.
Thanks again Sarah!

Okay, I just had to add this adorable picture of Avery that Sarah took as well.

WES IS 30!

Well, Wes is officially 30 years old as of June 15. I know I am a little late in posting this, but we did have a week of camp, followed by our VBS after his birthday, so that is a good excuse.

I turned 30 back in January and ever since then Wes has been giving me a hard time saying that there is a generation gap between us and that he just can't understand me. He can't say that anymore. He promises he is going to start eating healthier since he is older. He even passed by the Double Stuff Oreos at the store without grabbing two packages. For those of you who don't know, oreos are his staple food in the late evenings. How he still keeps his figure is simply NOT FAIR!

For his birthday we had a group of friends from college as well as family over to our casa for some backyard bar-b-que. Some of the guys played Crockett and darts. The kids had fun playing on the swing set. We ladies had fun catching up on each other's lives. Avery and Abby entertained us later in the evening with their dancing. We had a great time! Thanks to all who came to help make Wes' day special!

I am incredibly blessed to be married to Wes. It is still hard to believe that we have been married for 8 years and have two kids!

I love you Bookie!

Getting ready to blow out the candles with the help of Avery.

Birthday Boy with brother, Blake

Justin, Jenny, Jamie, and Steven

Our entertainment - Abby. Look at those curls!

Avery's dance routine is just a blur!