Monday, July 02, 2007

God's Amazing Creation!

Last week the girls had VBS where the theme was God's Creation. Each day they learned new things about the days of creation. Every day they got to pet different animals that people brought up to our church. They saw and felt a miniature horse, donkey, pig, goat, kitten, puppy, turtles, and a gold fish. Okay, so they didn't pet the gold fish. I was a helper in the 5 year old class. We had an active group of 10 5 year olds. They sure kept us on our toes.

On Saturday Grandpa (my dad) joined us for a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium where saw even more of God's beautiful creation. I highly recommend taking your children there. The girls were in awe of all the different animals. Avery cracked me up with her protectiveness of Abby. If Abby got too close to the animals, or too close to the edge she would grab her and say, "Mom you need to hold her, she is getting too close!" What a sweet big sis! It was funny to see them with a look of concern when a big fish or a scary looking animal got close to them even though it was on the other side of the glass.

A couple of funny things happened during church on Sunday. At the end of a prayer Abby yelled, "AMEN!" Of course, everyone turned around and smiled. It was hilarious! I am just glad she was paying attention enough to realize when to say the "amen". Later, Abby accidentally bit her tongue. She stuck out her tongue and whispered, "Kiss it Mommy! Kiss it! I hurt tongue." I tried to dodge her tongue coming straight at my face, and aimed a kiss at her chin which just made me get slobber all over my nose. Lately, she has been saying, "Kiss it!" anytime she hurts herself no matter how big or small the boo boo.

Wes and I are going out on the town tonight for a date. We plan on going to dinner and then to the movies to see License to Wed - which looks pretty funny. Can't wait!

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Dallas World Aquarium.

Our family in front of the huge aquarium.

Grandpa and Abby checking out the jungle.

The girls and I by the flamingos.

Avery holding on to Abby because she was getting "too close".

Avery finally giving her some freedom.
In case you were wondering, that is silly putty on Abby's shirt.


Andrea & Paul said...

Sounds like you are having a fun and busy summer so far! Your girls look so much like you, I just can't get over it.

By the way having 2 children seems to be more than just twice the work of having only one. I hope to make it look as easy as you do... someday!

erinlo said...

AWW! What a beautiful family you have. I have enjoyed catching up with you guys through your blog. I don't know if your dad would remember me or not, but please pass along to him that I really appreciate how he gently helped me through a rough time. Your whole family is precious to me. -Erin L.

The Best Family said...

love those aquarium pictures... looks like fun!
And the comment about silly putty made me laugh at loud bc I hate that stuff! My boys got some at a bday party one time and one of them took their nap with it. I wound up all over their comforter, their carpet, their clothes, everything!! :o) It is now banned from my house and we use playdough (which washes out) instead!
Reading about your crazy summertime makes our summertime craziness seem a little more normal!