Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This past Thursday we went to Georgetown and Austin. Wes did some premarital counseling with a couple he will marry in the spring. We spent the night with our friends, Heather and Monty McCulley. We get to see them every year at Camp Cornerstone where we take our middle schoolers and also at the National Conference of Youth Ministries. Their son, Caleb, and our girls had a ball together playing with remote cars and other boy toys. Maybe I should get them some boy toys for Christmas?

Friday morning we went to the Austin Children's Museum which was very neat. I highly recommend taking your children there if you are ever in Austin. Their website is: http://www.austinkids.org/ There are lots of fun hands-on centers for the kids to play/learn in.

We spent Friday night with Wes' aunt and uncle who live by Lake Travis. Saturday we got to watch his cousin's playoff football game.

Abby learning about milking a cow.

Thankfully, Avery didn't ask many questions about what she was doing to the cow.

"Daddy, you took me to get my flu shot so I am going to get you back by giving you a shot!"

"Abby, what would you like to buy today?"

The girls gettin' down with the band. Avery was thrilled to dress up!

"Let's be beavers!"

"I love slides!"

Playing in the eagle's nest.

"Let's join the chipmunks in the tree."

"We have lots of work to do on this house."


Three Year Old Tales

Avery is three and I am loving this age! Most of the time she is sweet and has the cutest things to say. She is fun to talk to and thinks her parents are the best. She is always surprising us with what she knows and understands. She is a ball of energy - I wish she would share some with me. Here are some things she has said recently.

"Mommy, Abby is on the guessing bed!" (the guest bed)

(I was doing a little chant/jig while she was brushing her teeth.) "You work it funny, Mommy!"

"My tummy is hungry!"

(I asked her another day if her tummy was hungry.) "I sure hope so!"

(Yesterday, she greeted Abby, who had just woken up from her nap, with these words.) "Abby, here is your sister!"

"Abby, you look gorgeous!"

"That was just my leg moving. I didn't toot." (in her booster seat at lunch one day)

(She was acting pretty flirty with one of our youth group boys. We asked her if she thought he was cute.) "No, he's gorgeous!"

(a song she made up at dinner the other day)
"Shake you eyes.
Shake your head.
And shake your elbows before that."

(She came home from preschool singing this song she has learned. It is sung to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot.)
"I'm a little Indian on the go.
Here is my arrow, here is my bow.
When I go a huntin' hear me shout,

Avery dancing with Heath at our high school devo last night.
She is an Indian/Cowboys Cheerleader.

Isn't funny how you are proud of the silliest things when you become a parent? For example, Abby has not taken off her pajamas after she has woken up for two mornings now. Yeah! Also, she kept her cute pig-tails in last night while we had the teens over, as well as the whole time she was playing with the other kids during my ladies Bible study.

She gave into Avery's request for her to wear the ballerina costume! What a sweet sister!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Power of a Praying Wife and Parent

A couple of months ago our Wednesday night ladies class coordinator (as well as an elder's wife) asked if I would speak to the class sometime on The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Parent. Immediately I began to dread speaking infront of 40 ladies, many of whom are older and much wiser than me. I began to think of some excuse I could offer her. Deep down inside I knew it was something I should do, even though I don't feel gifted in the area of teaching ladies Bible class. I enjoy teaching children and teens, but I get extremely nervous teaching the ladies class. I guess I feel like the majority of them have more life experience than I do. Why should they listen to me? Well, I agreed to teach, just like I do every time, and then I volunteered some of the ladies in my Bible study group to help. They weren't too excited at first either, but they graciously agreed to teach with me.

My friends and I have been studying these two books by Stormie Omartian at our Tuesday Morning Bible Study. Studying these books with the ladies helped us to focus our praying and taught us many ways to pray for our children and spouse. I highly recommend them.

Here is some of what we shared with the ladies class this past Wednesday night.

Praying for your child or husband is not a means of gaining control over your child or husband. In fact, it is the opposite. It is releasing that power and relying on God’s power to transform US, (YES, US) our children, and our husbands. It’s a way to invite God’s power into our husband’s and children’s lives for his greatest blessing, which is ultimately ours too.

Praying gives you hope. God can restore all that we as humans have messed up. We can trust Him to take away the pain, hopelessness, hardness, and unforgiveness. Only the Lord is perfect. We need to look to Him as the source of all we want to see happen in our family, instead of thinking “If our husband and kids would just listen and follow what I have to say things would be great.” It is our responsibility to pray. It’s God’s job to answer. Leave it in His hands. We also have to realize that God doesn’t always answer our prayers like we want. That is part of releasing that CONTROL. He knows what is best for us. We can’t change our husbands or children. However, God can.

Many times God has to change us to make situations better. We have to be open to the fact that we might need to change. Sometimes we might need to pray “Lord, change me”. Pray that you will be your husband’s helpmate, companion, champion, friend, and support.

We discussed specific areas of their husband and children's lives they could cover with prayer, giving them some personal testimonies. Then we left them with one final thought.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.
(I Peter 4:8)

We can never be the perfect mother or wife. What will cover the places where we miss the mark as a wife and as a parent? LOVE Pray that God helps you love your child and husband with such unconditional love that it smoothes all the rough places, heals all wounds, and covers your weaknesses.

Needless to say, I am glad we have it over with. My dear friends did a wonderful job speaking from their hearts. I haved learned so much from them and am thankful for our friendship.

God often calls us to step out of our comfort zone and this was certainly one of those times. I also have to remember that just because my friends and I were younger than many of the ladies in that class, I believe that God still used us to touch their hearts. I know I am constantly learning about God from the precious teens we work with.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Halloween Memories

Here we are at our church's Fall Festival. It was wonderful having my dad there. We are enjoying having him so close now! The girls get sad every time he leaves. Yes, that is a spider headband on my head. I borrowed it from one of Avery's many costumes. This is the only article of clothing I can borrow from her right now.

Avery sampling some of her Halloween candy. Yum! Yum!

Abby in a weird daze from trying many types of candy for the very first time. "I'm not sure I understand all of this - but I do know I like that candy stuff! Mom and Dad have really been holding back. What else have I been missing out on?"

Halloween Happiness

God brings us so much joy through our little girls! We had a wonderful Halloween this year! We went to Avery's preschool Fall Festival, a Halloween party at the Denison Library during 'Story Time', and our church's Fall Festival. They had a ball playing all the games, but the biggest hits were both bounce houses at the fall festivals. It was cute to watch Abby just sitting there while the other kids bounced her high in the air. Avery would have stayed in there all night if we hadn't encouraged her to try some games. Our girls came home with a ton of candy; so much that they didn't notice when, after running out of candy, we gave a little of their's away to neighborhood trick-or-treaters. We really aren't cruel parents, they just didn't need that much candy. A month ago I had to finally throw out EASTER candy they hadn't eaten!

You'd think Avery would be costumed out, but that girl loves to play dress up. She still puts on her Care Bear outfit every day even if it is 85 degrees outside. She assumes since she wants to dress up that Abby does too. "Mommy, Abby wants to put the ballerina costume on." Oh, really Avery? Did she tell you that? If you ask me, it looks like she'd rather wear her birthday suit. There's rarely a time around here lately that Abby's not dressing or undressing. I go in to get her out of her crib and there she stands with her shirt in one hand and her pants in the other. I'm not sure if she thinks she looks good in a diaper or if she's hoping for a future as a stripper. 'The Power of a Praying Parent' did NOT have a chapter on this!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Here Goes...

Well, I have decided to try out this "blogging" thing. I have really enjoyed reading my friend's blogs and thought I would join the world of blogging! I am excited about sharing our lives and keeping in touch with friends. Wes and I are off to go Christmas shopping without the girls. I'll post more later...