Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This past Thursday we went to Georgetown and Austin. Wes did some premarital counseling with a couple he will marry in the spring. We spent the night with our friends, Heather and Monty McCulley. We get to see them every year at Camp Cornerstone where we take our middle schoolers and also at the National Conference of Youth Ministries. Their son, Caleb, and our girls had a ball together playing with remote cars and other boy toys. Maybe I should get them some boy toys for Christmas?

Friday morning we went to the Austin Children's Museum which was very neat. I highly recommend taking your children there if you are ever in Austin. Their website is: http://www.austinkids.org/ There are lots of fun hands-on centers for the kids to play/learn in.

We spent Friday night with Wes' aunt and uncle who live by Lake Travis. Saturday we got to watch his cousin's playoff football game.

Abby learning about milking a cow.

Thankfully, Avery didn't ask many questions about what she was doing to the cow.

"Daddy, you took me to get my flu shot so I am going to get you back by giving you a shot!"

"Abby, what would you like to buy today?"

The girls gettin' down with the band. Avery was thrilled to dress up!

"Let's be beavers!"

"I love slides!"

Playing in the eagle's nest.

"Let's join the chipmunks in the tree."

"We have lots of work to do on this house."


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Monica said...

I am very jealous you spent the night with Heather and Monty!! I guess you guys were their last house guests there in Georgetown? Looks like yall have fun in Austin!