Saturday, November 11, 2006

Halloween Memories

Here we are at our church's Fall Festival. It was wonderful having my dad there. We are enjoying having him so close now! The girls get sad every time he leaves. Yes, that is a spider headband on my head. I borrowed it from one of Avery's many costumes. This is the only article of clothing I can borrow from her right now.

Avery sampling some of her Halloween candy. Yum! Yum!

Abby in a weird daze from trying many types of candy for the very first time. "I'm not sure I understand all of this - but I do know I like that candy stuff! Mom and Dad have really been holding back. What else have I been missing out on?"


heather hicks said...

I love your sweet little family! Give my nieces a big hug for me!!!! Caleb totally loved the penguine and snow thing his cousins sent him! Today we were challenged in church to encourage someone we knew and Caleb asked if he could do it to.....I asked who do you want to encourage and he said "My cousins, I want to send them a fish that will write their names like the pinguin did." We love you guys!!!


Holly O'Quinn said...

I am really excited to see that you have started a blog. Now I can stalk you with efficiency!