Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Three Year Old Tales

Avery is three and I am loving this age! Most of the time she is sweet and has the cutest things to say. She is fun to talk to and thinks her parents are the best. She is always surprising us with what she knows and understands. She is a ball of energy - I wish she would share some with me. Here are some things she has said recently.

"Mommy, Abby is on the guessing bed!" (the guest bed)

(I was doing a little chant/jig while she was brushing her teeth.) "You work it funny, Mommy!"

"My tummy is hungry!"

(I asked her another day if her tummy was hungry.) "I sure hope so!"

(Yesterday, she greeted Abby, who had just woken up from her nap, with these words.) "Abby, here is your sister!"

"Abby, you look gorgeous!"

"That was just my leg moving. I didn't toot." (in her booster seat at lunch one day)

(She was acting pretty flirty with one of our youth group boys. We asked her if she thought he was cute.) "No, he's gorgeous!"

(a song she made up at dinner the other day)
"Shake you eyes.
Shake your head.
And shake your elbows before that."

(She came home from preschool singing this song she has learned. It is sung to the tune of I'm a Little Tea Pot.)
"I'm a little Indian on the go.
Here is my arrow, here is my bow.
When I go a huntin' hear me shout,

Avery dancing with Heath at our high school devo last night.
She is an Indian/Cowboys Cheerleader.

Isn't funny how you are proud of the silliest things when you become a parent? For example, Abby has not taken off her pajamas after she has woken up for two mornings now. Yeah! Also, she kept her cute pig-tails in last night while we had the teens over, as well as the whole time she was playing with the other kids during my ladies Bible study.

She gave into Avery's request for her to wear the ballerina costume! What a sweet sister!


HaegerChamp said...

You are a terrific blogger. Thanks for putting down all these wonderful memories of our girls. We need to help Avery annunciate well or else 'Shake your eyes' could easily sound like something else.
Love you,

Holly O'Quinn said...

You are a great blogger! I love the sweet stories you are sharing about your girls. It really makes me look forward to Jacob talking one of these days. The pictures from your trip to Austin are great as well. Keep up the good work.