Saturday, November 11, 2006

Halloween Happiness

God brings us so much joy through our little girls! We had a wonderful Halloween this year! We went to Avery's preschool Fall Festival, a Halloween party at the Denison Library during 'Story Time', and our church's Fall Festival. They had a ball playing all the games, but the biggest hits were both bounce houses at the fall festivals. It was cute to watch Abby just sitting there while the other kids bounced her high in the air. Avery would have stayed in there all night if we hadn't encouraged her to try some games. Our girls came home with a ton of candy; so much that they didn't notice when, after running out of candy, we gave a little of their's away to neighborhood trick-or-treaters. We really aren't cruel parents, they just didn't need that much candy. A month ago I had to finally throw out EASTER candy they hadn't eaten!

You'd think Avery would be costumed out, but that girl loves to play dress up. She still puts on her Care Bear outfit every day even if it is 85 degrees outside. She assumes since she wants to dress up that Abby does too. "Mommy, Abby wants to put the ballerina costume on." Oh, really Avery? Did she tell you that? If you ask me, it looks like she'd rather wear her birthday suit. There's rarely a time around here lately that Abby's not dressing or undressing. I go in to get her out of her crib and there she stands with her shirt in one hand and her pants in the other. I'm not sure if she thinks she looks good in a diaper or if she's hoping for a future as a stripper. 'The Power of a Praying Parent' did NOT have a chapter on this!

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