Monday, December 12, 2011

A Day for Granny

Granny turns 80 this year, so we wanted to do something extra special for her birthday. We decided rather than getting her one more thing for her house or clothes, we would spend a whole day enjoying her company. We thought we would enjoy a trip together to the Ft. Worth Science Museum. It was just our family and her, so we could really focus on her and not other relatives.

We had such a good time doing all the hands on activities together and watching an IMAX presentation of The Wild Ocean. We ended the day with dinner together before heading back to her house where we spent two nights for Thanksgiving. We made some great memories!

Abby digging for dinosaur bones.

Shopping at the mini grocery store with Granny.

The girls sure love their Granny!

Avery could hula hoop for hours. She gets that from Wes. I cannot do it, no matter how much I try.

Making a pinball obstacle course.

Abby rocking out with the "instruments".

The man on stilts was a little "freaky" but kinda cool, too.

Long lighted catterpillar tunnel outside.

Getting ready for the IMAX presentation.

I have so much love and respect for Granny. I hope when I am her age that I am as loving, caring, and as energetic as she is. She is so selfless with her time, volunteering at the Pregnancy Crisis Shelter, visiting the shut-ins from church on a regular basis, and devoting countless hours in prayer and Bible study. I really do look up to this lady.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas on TV

Avery had her 3rd grade Christmas program on Monday and it was titled "Christmas on TV". It had cute snippets and songs from famous Christmas movies and ended with the nativity scene and "Silent Night". Avery was Alvin from "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and had two solos. She also hula hooped for part of the song too. She is a pro at that for sure.

She nailed her solos, and we couldn't have been prouder! She was not even nervous. I could have never done that when I was her age. I bet she will enjoy being in theater someday. Who knows?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fall Retreat

This year we tried something new. We decided to have a combined retreat with our middle school and high school group. We were all together during times of worship and eating, but we separated the groups for lessons, group discussions, the ropes course, zip line, and games.

I was with the Middle School group. We have a large group of teens in middle school. They are full of energy and have such a zest for life. I especially love how they are eager to add to discussions in Bible class and happy to serve others. They are often bolder than some of our high schoolers. I am excited to see how God is going to use them for His Kingdom.

I brought Gloria, a 6th grader, that has been coming to church with me. I tutored her last year and reconnected with her one day when I subbed at the middle school. She knew some of our girls, but I was impressed with how welcome they all made her feel.

I think my highlights of the weekend were the amazing times of worship and just getting to hang out with these awesome teens. I love working with our youth!
The Middle School group on a big pile of wood chips.

Playing games.

I am trying to explain the straw game.

Straw and tissue paper relay race.

Working together at the ropes course.

Halloween Happenings

For the second year, Hyde Park Elementary had a Pumpkin Decorating contest. The girls gave us their ideas, I did some more research and bought the necessary supplies. Wes did the majority of the actual work with the girls.

They each got an award. Abby won Most Original and Avery won Funniest. They were very proud.

My favorite part was helping Abby with the baby spiders. We held on to those for future Halloween decorations. Next year, I want to use fake pumpkins so we can keep them for decorations for years to come. It seems like a lot of work to have to throw away the pumpkins after just a few weeks.

The girls enjoyed the church Fall Festival, as usual. Dressing up, a bounce house, lots of games and treats. What more could a child want out of a Fall Festival?

Abby wanted to put her new dress that Nana brought back from China to good use, so she decided to be Mulan this year. Avery decided to be a tiger girl. It was Avery's idea to pose this way.

We were glad Grandpa and Gina got to join us for the fun festivities, as well.

Another Successful Soccer Season

Avery, Abby and their coach, Wes, had a another great season this fall. Avery's team, the Denison Ponies, won every single game and actually won first place in their division. Abby's team, the Denison Lightening only lost 2 games the whole season. We made some good memories, playing, and cheering each other on.

We are now enjoying some less busy Saturdays until the Spring season comes around.