Friday, January 06, 2012


Because we spent Christmas Day in Panama last year with Aaron, we spent Christmas Day this year with the Encalades.
We had Dad and Gina over the day before Christmas Eve. We got a few games in before opening presents. We enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts with eagerness.
Our Christmas dinner together included honey ham, sides, and desserts that the girls and I prepared. Following dinner we drove to see the Christmas lights at Loy Lake. I must say that they were pretty impressive. It was especially nice because the line wasn't that long and it was warm enough outside to even have our sunroof open which allowed Avery to poke her head out.

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with just our family. In keeping with our tradition, we read a children's book about Jesus's birth and why we give each other gifts at Christmas. Then we took turns opening presents. I love watching the girls get so excited each year as they open their gifts.

Later, we finished packing up a bit before driving down to Arlington to be with the Encalades. Katy and Blake and their kids joined us Sunday after church. Of course, the cousins had a ball together.
Before opening our presents we carried out our tradition of singing some Christmas church songs and reading about the birth of Jesus.
This year, Avery and Abby took turns reading it to us. Tripp also helped a little by filling in some blanks or repeating sentences. It was pretty cute.

All in all, we made some great memories together and had a good time celebrating the birth of Jesus together with our family.

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