Monday, January 09, 2012

Abby's Kindness

On Friday, I received this email from Abby's teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Encalade,

I wanted to tell you just what a wonderful girl you have! We have a little boy in class who struggles with behavior and finishing work. On Fridays I draw tickets for prizes. He doesn’t get many tickets and becomes very upset, so Abby told him, a few weeks ago, if her name is pulled he could have her prize. Then today, her name WAS pulled—She is the one who reminded him that he could have her prize. As if this wasn’t touching enough- her name was pulled AGAIN!!!! And AGAIN she gave him her SECOND prize!!!! I was about to cry!:) She is just so wonderful – she is always willing to help others. She thinks of ways to help others in such a way that they really know she cares. I am truly enjoying having Abby in my class this year! Thank you for sharing her with me this school year! She is truly a blessing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Emily Carr

Hyde Park Elementary

1st Grade

This email brought tears to my eyes and made me super proud! Abby let me know about this idea that she came up with on her own a few weeks before the break. I am thrilled that she actually went through with it. What a sweetie pie!
We told her how proud we were of her, and that this made us even prouder than all her good grades. We told her those kind of actions made God proud too.


Jennifer said...

I love that sweet girl. I pray Ellie had that kind of heart every single day!!

Heather said...
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