Thursday, January 05, 2012

Avery's New Room

On the Friday that Christmas break began, Wes and I started painting Avery's room and actually finished it that night. She told us that for Christmas she would like her room redone with new bedding etc. I thought that was a good idea since I was the one who chose her colors and bedding when she got out of her crib many moons ago. Avery was so excited one Saturday afternoon to start shopping that she and I began looking online for ideas. About 45 minutes later she had found what she wanted. And much to my liking, it was on SALE!
We had told Avery that she would need to sleep in Abby's room that night since there was still a strong smell from the paint and her furniture was all in the middle of the room. She and Abby immediately became excited at this news. They have slept in the same room on numerous occasions at camp or at grandparent's houses, but I never would have thought they would get so excited about doing it at home. So, I jumped right on that excitement train and told them that if they got along during the day they could sleep in the same room at night. This worked like a charm during Christmas Break. My hope is that now that school has started back (and we don't really want them keeping each other up or waking each other up in the morning) they will be in a routine of getting along. Is that wishful thinking?

I uploaded the video of her room to YouTube since I couldn't get it to upload on blogger. Does anyone else have this problem?

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