Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Lake Days

Every summer the youth group is invited to the Landrum's house on Lake Texoma. We actually get to go twice, once with the middle school and once with the high school. This year the Lake Days fell on two consecutive Sundays in July. We had a great time playing in the water, cooking out, having a devo, riding in the boat and tubing. Shawn Landrum loves to take the tube riders for crazy rides. We all hang on for dear life and say a little prayer. This year I lost a water shoe and I almost lost part of my bathing suit when I got swung from the tube. Thankfully my shoe floated and I was able to swim to get it.

The girls rode with the Landrum boys who are close to their age. The first Sunday Shawn taught me to drive the boat, and I got to pull Avery, Abby, and Christian. After a while, Abby and Christian wanted off, but Avery wanted to keep going. That is when Shawn took over the driving. He drove pretty fast and kept turning corners giving Avery a fun, but rough ride. She loved every minute of it. Several times the tube would fly up 3-4 feet in the air and tilt backwards to where we couldn't even see her. Later we asked her if she realized she was up in the air all those times. She didn't even know how high she was.

The second Sunday the girls rode with Austin, their other son. After a while he wanted off and the girls had another fast rough ride. I was surprised Abby held on so well. She is pretty competitive and I am sure she wanted to outdo Avery. Ha! I love that they are not scaredy cats and are adventurous. I guess that could be bad at times, but for the most part it makes for some exciting times.

Abby got swimmers ear a couple days after this. It was ironic having to call the doctor's office (Marlyn Landrum is their pediatrician) to see if they could call in a prescription for ear drops for swimmers ear that she probably got from being at her doctor's house on the lake. Ha!

Wes and Jennifer cooking our burgers and dogs.

Caitlin and the girls riding on the boat.

Hunter and Steven enjoying the boat ride.

Hayden, Landon, Hunter hanging on.

Several of the high school gang.

Abby, Avery, Austin, and Christian playing together.

Haley and Brandon taking a break from the water.

Austin, Abby, and Avery getting ready to go for a ride.

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