Sunday, August 15, 2010

High School Lock-In

Staying up all night used to sound so fun. However, now at 33, I can't say I look forward to the lack of sleep. I feel miserable the next day, and it is not easy to sleep in or nap with a 5 and 7 year old. All that to say, since I have had kids I only stay part of the night at the youth lock-ins.

The first part of this year's lock-in was spent down at the Main Event where we enjoyed bowling, pizza, laser tag, and arcade games. My team won at laser tag! Woo hoo! Avery and Abby played for the first time in their life. The vests were pretty heavy, but they sure did look cute running around guns in hand.

Ready for some bowling!

Easton and Brinlee. Whacky!

Ariel and Sierra - sweet sisters.

Wes helping Abby out.

We are going to miss you girls when you go off to college!

Ashley and Jake riding a roller coaster ride.

Avery and Abby's turn on the ride.

We had a large group (lock-ins are always a big hit) and it sure was fun hanging out with everyone.

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