Thursday, August 05, 2010

Christian Theater Workshop

For 12 summers (the first one being the summer we first got here) our church has been having Christian Theater Workshop (CTW). Basically, kids and teens from our community, as well as our own youth, put on a Bible musical. Three of the plays we do are written my Jeff Walling and one is written by one of our directors. Two weeks before the production the principal characters practice every evening. The week before the production there is a day camp where everyone else learns their lines and the words to all the songs. They also rotate between a Bible class, (where they learn in depth things about the particular Bible story the play is on), games, and crafts. We usually have about 130 kids involved in it.

This year we did the story of Noah and I helped in the craft room. Each day we made part of a paper bag scrapbook, and at the end of the week each child got to take it home. It was a lot of fun helping out and being with all the kids that came through.

Sybil spent 3 nights with us during the week since her family has now moved. The girls loved spending time with her and were sad to see her go.

Avery and Abby were townspeople and pigs. They loved every bit of CTW. Avery was quick to learn the lines and the songs while Abby cracked us up with all her gestures and facial expressions. She is such a ham!

They did three performances and needless to say, the girls were tired when it was all said and done.

This year we got to use our new building. It isn't totally finished. They still have to pour the special mondo flooring in the gym and lay the carpet in the classrooms.

Singing townspeople. Avery is in the light blue and Abby is in the navy and pink making a funny face.

Noah talking with all the animals on the ark.

Waiting for the curtain to open.

Noah's wife dancing with Abby along with her daughter-in-laws.

More singing and funny choreography.

Rian, Robert, Zack, and Easton, our very important sound and light crew. Nice glasses Robert.

The girls working on their paper bag scrapbook.

Our little pigs!

With their masks on.

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Jennifer said...

What a fun week we had! Those are the cutest little pigs I ever did see! :)