Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tanglewood Resort

Last year marked 10 years here at Park Avenue. Last summer one of our elders called us to come to the front during church and said some sweet things about us and gave us a gift certificate to Tanglewood Resort. We finally got around to using it this summer.

We got there around noon and were able to check in to our villa right away. It was super nice with a large living and dining area, kitchen, and master bedroom with a jacuzzi bath. The place even had two bathrooms.

We first ate lunch then headed to the tower which overlooks the lake. Then we headed down to the pools. They had 3 different pools an a large hot tub, and we took advantage of them all.

We ate dinner right by the pool at Barnacles. We discovered that they have the best salsa and some pretty yummy pizza.

After dinner we went back to our villa where the girls enjoyed the jacuzzi for a bit before we watched some Little House on the Prairie DVD's that I had brought.

The girls slept on the fold out couch in the living room. It was nice to be able to stay up later in our own room.

The next morning we ate a little breakfast before heading down to the pool. We ate some more chips and salsa for lunch and then headed home.

There was a small dance floor in the tower. Abby had to take advantage of it.

Daddy's girls.

My sweetie pies!

Nice ferocious smile, Abby!

Avery spends most of the time underwater when she is in a pool.

Abby and Avery taking advantage of the jacuzzi tub in our room.

All in all it was a great little family getaway and it was only 20 minutes from home.

Thanks Park Avenue for a fantastic gift! We love you!

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Jennifer said...

Fun! Avery is a fish...or as Barry says, "Nemo." :)