Friday, July 16, 2010

Alone Time and Great Wolf Lodge

Last Friday, Wes left for Wilderness Trek. Originally, I had planned on going, but I decided I wanted to spend more time with the girls. Seven days is a long time away. Summers are going to be even more precious since Abby starts Kindergarten in the Fall.

Avery and Abby got to spend two nights with Nana and Paw Paw. They had a great time playing, swimming, going to the movies, and attending a Ranger game.

While they were gone, I took advantage of the time to get a ton of things done. I ran errands, packed for our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, and went through lots of the girls clothes and my clothes. I also organized their toys better. (Avery thanked me when she got home.) So far they have not asked about any of the toys I donated/threw out. And believe me, there were a lot. It had been a while since I had done this and there were just so many things they were not interested in anymore. I love the feeling of being organized and clutter free. Call me crazy, but that is just me.

It sure was quiet around the house while everyone was gone. It was nice to just have a few days to myself during a summer of lots of trips and activities.

On Sunday, I met up with Carrie, Sybil, Avery and Abby. We got to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for 3 days, thanks to Sybil. She got a gift certificate to go there from her aunt for her birthday and she invited us to go along. It was great to see Sybil and Carrie again and a real treat to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge with them.

Here is a description of our suite:

KidCabin® Suite

Give the kids their own Northwoods log cabin nestled within this larger family suite. The cabin houses a bunk bed, day bed and their own TV, so they can “rough it” with movies and Nintendo. In the main room, adults can sprawl out on a queen bed and full-size sleeper sofa. They get their own TV too, presumably for movies and Nintendo as well.

It was perfect! All three girls enjoyed their "cabin" and frequently reminded us that it was for kids only. Ha!

The majority of the time outside of our room was spent at the water park. The lazy river was a favorite, for sure. We also slid down many rides including the River Canyon Run, which was my personal favorite. We all got to slide down this huge slide together in a raft.

We also did the MagiQuest where we had wands that opened treasure chests and made objects and pictures speak to us all over the hotel.

One night we went to the Rain Forest Cafe. The girls were fascinated by the moving animals and rain.

Waiting for Story Time down in the lobby.

Going through the Lazy River. Abby kept getting ahead of us. I think she thought it was a race. Hhhmmmm, I wonder who she gets here competitiveness from?

Waiting for the waves to start in the Wave Pool.

We love you!

Hi Mom!

Here the girls are making their best wolf impersonations.

Hanging out on the floating beaver.

All in all, we had a terrific time with our friends. We will see them soon when Sybil gets to come stay with us for CTW. Thanks again, Sybil!

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