Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fourth of July Family Fun!

The Fourth of July was extra special this year! Dad and Gina treated our family and Aaron's family to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to enjoy a great concert by the Fort Worth Symphony and the best fireworks show any of us had ever seen. We packed a dinner and lots of snacks and had a great time just hanging out. The weather was fabulous, unlike most steaming summer evenings.

The happy couple who made this trip possible.

The family clown and his lovely wife Janet.

My sweet hubby and I.

Gina introduced the kids to dipping fruit in chocolate. What a messy but very fun activity. They were hilarious to watch!

humidity + chocolate + Abby = a cute curly headed girl

Such a cutie pie!

Cousins are a blessing!

Riding high!

Can I have a turn somebody?

A view of the stage.

Too cute!

Not only did Dad and Gina treat us to a wonderful show, but they also got hotel rooms for us and took us to the zoo the next day. Aaron, Janet, Mylen, and Aivlyn had to get back, and were unable to got to the zoo with us the next day. They had lots of packing to do. They are moving to San Antonio soon and then on to Panama. (Sniff...Sniff) We enjoyed the hotel pool before the show Sunday and again the next day before we headed off to the zoo.

The girls petted this snake. No thanks!

Poor turtle.

Let's go for a ride!

One of our favorite parts of the zoo was feeding the birds.
Very cool!

Grandpa handing off the bird to Abby.

Abby made a friend.

Well hello Mr. Birdie!

Avery made a friend, too.

Hi there fella!

Wes's new girlfriend.

At least he is not kissing this one.

Gina and the girls watching the rhino.

We wished we could be in that water. It was a little toasty.

This monkey just had a baby. The baby is tucked in its arm. It was so neat to see her with her newborn. The baby had to hold on for dear life as the mom swung from place to place. Every once in a while the mom would play with her baby. It was very sweet. This was another favorite part for us.

Gina made a friend, too.

Eye to eye with a gorilla. I think he liked Gina. Watch out, Dad!

Thanks Dad and Gina for a great couple of days! We had an absolute blast!

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