Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Zenith and Cornerstone

Where did June go? Seriously, this summer is going by way to fast! We haven't even been home 18 days out of the last 30 days. It has been nice to be home again the last couple of days. Not that I don't love camp or little vacations, there is just something nice about eating healthier meals, sleeping in your own bed, and other little things.

This year they decided to put Zenith and Cornerstone back to back on the calendar. It actually worked out wonderfully. You don't have to pack and unpack twice and it was nice to have more of a break on the weekend in between camps.

Zenith and Cornerstone were both terrific this year. Great classes taught by the youth ministers, wonderful lessons by Mitch Wilburn and Doug Crum, meaningful entertainment by Unbound, amazing times of worship and lots of fun activities and entertainment. Childcare was provided for the youth ministers' children which allowed me to go to classes with our youth and to worship in the evening. In the afternoons the girls could participate in most activities with the teens and us. Avery and Abby look forward to camp each year and they didn't want to leave this year, even after being there two weeks. They have developed friendships with the other youth ministers' children over the years, plus they always love hanging out with the youth.

I got to lead a starlight devo for all the middle school girls at camp. I have done this in the past. It is always a little intimidating to talk to 150 plus girls. It helps that it is dark outside. I talked about God pursuing us through the Holy Spirit, which was the theme for that day.

Highlights from the week included two service project days. We divided up into our youth groups and went all over the area doing service projects. During Zenith our group went to an infant care center which supplies things like diapers, toys, clothes, baby wash, and more to those who cannot afford it. We helped them do inventory and organized clothes, diapers, food, and played with some children that came in. It was neat to hear all that the center was doing and to be able to help out in some small way. I was proud of how hard everyone worked. During Cornerstone we headed to Oklahoma City where we helped with an inner city church. We hung out with some of the children who were there for a church program, then we helped them paint their youth room. Again I was proud of our group. I didn't hear any complaining. They had fun and were happy to serve. I was glad Avery and Abby got to be a part of these days as well. It is so good for them to learn the importance of serving and caring for other people.

My little helpers and I sorting through clothes that had been donated to the center. They were a big help! Aren't these little boxer briefs adorable?

Our intern, Cody and Avery bagging up diapers.

Abby and our other intern, Karissa bagging up diapers. Abby was a good counter!

Brinlee and Easton sorting peanut butter.

Painting the youth room. The girls really enjoyed this.

Avery working hard.

Abby, Jaycee, and Jessica working as a team.

Abby and Makenzie painting the ceiling tiles for the youth room.

Good job Andrew! Look at those blue eyes!

I always leave camp more refreshed and renewed, and this year was no different. I loved the themes this year "Ignite" and "Pursue". The classes and lessons from our speakers seemed a lot deeper and I thought they really challenged us.

We took a little bit smaller group than normal to Zenith. Lots of teens were busy.

Teens praying and doing their quiet time journaling.

Chase Warner was baptized at camp and Brinlee Crump was baptized after camp. Woo Hoo! Praise God for their decisions!

Proud of you, Chase!

Cornerstone gang!

I am so thankful for the relationships that we have built with the other youth minister families over the years. We all have a common bond and I consider our friendships a real gift from God. It is a treat to see each other every summer.

Sweet Karla! Karla used to be in our youth group and is now married to a youth minister. It is fun to be with them at camp every year! Luv ya girl!

Abby, Raegan, Avery and Rylee had a ball together at camp. Of course, we moms had a good time too. Why didn't I get a picture with them?

Dakota and I taking the little ones for a ride on the golf cart. (The perks of being the camp director's wife.)

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