Sunday, May 23, 2010

Senior Night Out and Senior Sunday

Friday night we took our Juniors and Seniors for our annual Senior Night Out. A fun time was had by all! We always keep the location a surprise and this year we had them try to guess each stop we would make. They could ask questions to try to figure out the locations.

Here was the schedule:
4:15 Met at the church and loaded up on the bus.
5:15 Arrived at Sonic for a snack since we would have a late dinner later.
5:45 Miniature Golf at Adventure Land
8:00 Dinner at The Magic Time Machine
10:30 Whirlyball
12:00 Head back to Denison

Megan, Jordan, Ashlyn and I played miniature golf together. I was the high scorer. That never happens to me.

I had fun with you girls! I love you!

Robert, Nikki, Cina, and Zach playing close by.

Wes playing an intense game of Pac Man.

Waiting to be seated at The Magic Time Machine.

Wes and I and some of our group behind us waiting to chow down.

Our table and our lovely waitress, Tinkerbell.

Jordan and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Wes and I in the tee pee.

The graduates had to wear balloons around their heads.

That is a great look for you Aryn!

Cute Ariel!

You wear that well, Hayley!

Our whole gang minus Nikki and Wes who were taking the pictures.

Go Megan and Areil! For the record, the yellow team, (my team), won!

Robert, our lead scorer for the yellow team.

Zach, the ruthless player on the other team.

It is always hard to see a group graduate and leave the youth group, but at the same time I am so proud of them. I am excited about what lies ahead for them.

Today was Senior Sunday at church. I will sure miss our Seniors, and I can't believe that it is already time for them to leave the youth group. At the Senior Sunday luncheon I always get to read a children's book. This year I chose God's Dream by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

We had a very small group this year. Jordan, Ariel, Shelby, Hayley, Ashlyn, and Zach. I love you all! Hayley and Ashlyn were some of my 4th grade students at Hyde Park years ago. Wow! Time flies!


Ashlie & Alfred said...

I still treasure our senior "weekend out" - so many fun memories. Remember locking the boys out of their cabin? Oh man what a weekend!

Naomi said...

That was a blast! You all were such a great group! Luv ya!