Saturday, May 22, 2010

120 POINTS for Avery!

Last week Avery reached 120 AR points! AR stands for Accelerated Reader, a program that most schools in Texas have where children read books and earn points from the tests they take over the books. Most teachers help them set AR goals and require them to do a certain amount of reading on their own. Well, Avery loves to read (much like me) and has been leading her grade in AR points. Last year she won the Top Reader Award for having the most AR points and it has been her goal to do the same this year.

When students reach increments of 30 points they get to put a certain bug on the class sunflower in the school cafeteria. The principal makes a big deal about it. The student being honored gets to choose a cheer for the whole cafeteria to do for them. Whenever Avery gets to put another bug up Abby and I, (and Wes on occasion), go up to school and bring her lunch to help her celebrate.

Yay Avery! Proud of you, girl!

Putting her dragonfly on the class flower symbolizing her 120 AR points.

The principal had a meeting at the last minute so the school nurse did it. Thanks Janaga!

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Ashlie & Alfred said...

So Proud of Her! That is fantastic!