Friday, May 21, 2010

A Wonderful Mother's Day!

OK, so I know Mother's Day is long gone, but I am just now getting around to catching up on my blog.

I had a terrific Mother's Day, possibly the best Mother's Day yet. The day started off with lots of hugs, kisses, and several shouts of "Happy Mother's Day!" from Avery and Abby. We got ready and went to church where it is a tradition for the kids to go get carnations from the front for their mom during worship. Every year, the girls hand me flowers that look beautiful. However, by the end of worship, Avery's still looks pretty good but Abby's is wilted and torn because she has handled it so much. Oh well, it is the thought that counts, right?

Todd delivered a great sermon, as usual, on the blessings of mothers. It was very touching and it even brought tears to my eyes as I remembered what a HUGE blessing my own mother was to me. She taught me more than she will realize about how to be a good mom. She "trained us up in the Lord" for sure, and for that I will be eternally grateful. It is hard to believe that it has been nearly 4 years since she passed away.

After church we headed to Taco Bueno with some friends. You might laugh, but that was my choice. I love Bueno, and we were planning on having a big dinner with Wes' family later. Wes asked if I would mind going with some good friends of ours. I did not mind at all. I was glad I got to share such a great day with wonderful friends.

When we got home the girls gave me their presents. Abby had made a book called "My 5 Favorite Things About Mom". It was super cute!
Here is the run down:
5. She makes the yummiest breakfast. (We often have breakfast for dinner around here.)
4. She lets me do fun activities.
3. She is the best reader.
2. She is the most beautiful mom.
1. She is the sweetest mom in the world!
(There was an illustration across the page from each sentence.)

Avery gave me a bound book her class put together. She got to help design the cover and had a super sweet entry in it about me.

The also both gave me some very nice cards. It felt good to be appreciated and loved. When I was in high school I began to pray that I would marry a youth minister or missionary. I also knew that I wanted to be a mom someday. I feel so blessed to be the mom of Avery and Abby. What awesome gifts from God! I know these years will pass by quickly and I am just trying to enjoy being their mom and raising them the way God would have me to. I pray for His wisdom all the time. I am looking forward to this summer when we will have even more time together with out all the distractions of school and other activities.

Wes gave me a very sweet card and had let me go shopping earlier in the week. Thanks Honey for helping me in this parenting role and for helping me keep sane at times! I could not do it without you!

A couple hours later we headed to Blake and Katy's house where we had fun hanging out with Nana, Paw Paw, Granny, and Tripp too. At one point Tripp was intent on hugging the girls extra hard over and over again. It was too cute. We shared a delicious dinner out to celebrate together. (Eating out twice in one day, what a treat!)

Mother's Day was, indeed, a GREAT DAY!

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