Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This past weekend we went camping with 26 people from our small group. We had a wonderful time! We had been planning to go to Beaver's Bend for a while. As the weekend approached we kept an eye on the forecast and realized that there was a possibility of thunderstorms and maybe even tornadoes. We immediately began to pray for better weather. Well, God had a different plan altogether for us. The weather was still looking bad, so on Thursday we scrambled to find another location. Wes knew we needed to head south and west to avoid bad weather. We decided to head to Possum Kingdom. We arrived there Friday evening right before dark and set up camp securing three sites right next to each other with a beautiful view of the lake. We were also right next to the bathrooms and a playground which we knew would be ideal for all the little kids.

Our home away from home. We were pleased with our new tent purchase. After lots of research we settled on this Coleman tent at Sam's.

We let the girls stay up late along with the other kids that night, so they were nice and tired and fell right to sleep in their cozy princess sleeping bags. We adults stayed up playing Things in a Box which can be a pretty hilarious game.

The next morning the girls woke pretty early - around 7:15. Somehow I knew that would happen with all the light peaking through our tent and the excitement of camping with our friends.

Wes and I made breakfast tacos with eggs and sausage. Yum! Soon after breakfast some of us headed to the lake. We skipped rocks and watched some of the men fish for a bit. Then we decided to go on a hike up the hill behind where we camped. It was an adventure keeping up with all the little ones, watching out for low branches and sharp cactus needles. I couldn't help think about Trek when we were doing this. I wonder if the girls will want to go on Trek when they get older.

About to head up the mountain.

BFF's - Abby and Sybil.

Braden trying to push the boulder up. Too cute!

Our little hikers looking at the beautiful view below.

I love that my girls love to camp and be outdoors!

Our dear friends, the Slechta's. They are having to move soon and we are not happy about this. Thankfully, it is not too far. We plan to get together often.

After the hike the kids went to the playground to swing, slide, and play in the sand with some sand toys for hours and hours. The adults had a washer tournament. Wes made it a point to bring this fun outdoor game along. I actually beat Rachel and advanced to the second round. But then Sterling beat me very badly. It made me feel better when he ended up winning the whole tournament. Wes came in 3rd place. Woo hoo!

I must beat Rachel!

My silly victory dance!

Wes is very serious here.

We had fun telling them to ask the magic 8 ball questions like
"Will Nikki win the washers game?"

Nikki, I guess, is not happy with her washer toss.

Having some fun watching the washer tournament.

Sterling - 1st Place
Jesse - 2nd Place
Wes- 3rd Place
Good job guys!

Me, Nikki, Jennifer, and Rachel - Good times!

The kids were content playing in the sand and on the playground for several hours.

After lunch some of us headed to the lake and the kids even got in. I thought the girls would have fun wading up to their knees in the very cold water. Nope! They got in all the way, and so did the other kids. Brrrrr!

We decided to go for a canoe ride after bit. We had a great time going around part of the lake. People probably thought we were crazy when we joined Abby in her made up song with nonsense words.

Thankfully we did not tip into the cold water.

Barry and Jennifer - Love you both!

Hanging out!

Sweet Shelby and Avery.

Abby didn't want to take her bathing suit off when we got back. I don't know, maybe her bathing suit helps her climb trees better.

Nikki was brave letting Abby wear her sunglasses.

Girl with an attitude!

Smile, Avery!

Avery and Ava playing with the kid's washer game. I am pretty sure Avery is copying Sterling's "granny throw". Hey, it worked for him, so maybe it will work for her, too.

Wes taking a turn on Jesse's guitar.

Sybil's turn.

Both girls adore Nikki!

Abby: "I wear a size 3!" (This is funny because she really wears a 5T)
Nikki: "Well can I have a size 3 hug?"
Abby: "No... You can have a size TEN hug!!"

What are you up to?

For dinner we cooked hot dogs over the campfire and made s'mores for dessert. We played another game of washers with partners. Thankfully Wes was on my team. We won one game and lost another. Sorry I wasn't much help, Babe.

Nothing like a good s'more! (Notice how filthy Abby is!)


Lick it, Abby!

As soon as it got dark we put the kids to bed. We sang songs while Jesse played his guitar (my favorite was The Catfish Song - where you make up your own verses), told stories, and played Two Truths and a Load of Hooey. Next time I will take a pad of paper to write my lyrics for The Catfish Song. I just can't think of a funny rhyme in the spur of the moment.

The next morning we cooked pancakes. We added M&M's to the girls for a special first time treat. I have a feeling they will be expecting these all the time now. I will not give in.

After breakfast we broke down camp and packed up. We had a devo with our whole group underneath the shade of the trees. It brought such joy to my heart worshiping with my close friends and watching the kids as they sang along to the songs. Abby and Avery were not too shy to start a few of the kid's songs.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this church family and to have such a great group of friends! I love them dearly. Thank you God for giving us these relationships! We were missing some families, but hopefully they can join us next time. We plan to do it again real soon.

Love you all!

All the kids minus Shelby. Where did she go?

Thanks Aaron and Janet for letting us borrow some of your camping gear! We thoroughly enjoyed using it all! We will probably be on the look out for a camp stove, air mattress, and lantern real soon before our next camping expedition. If anyone knows where to get some great deals on these items let us know!

A special "thank you" to Nikki for taking some great pictures that I used for this post. She is an amazing photographer. If you are in the area she is up for hire. She is extremely talented! Jennifer, can't wait to see your pictures. I am sure I will be using some of those pictures, too. You ladies should give me some lessons.

P.S. Last night we had the high schoolers over for our weekly devo when we got a text from Janaga to check out the rainbow outside. We all went outside to witness the beautiful rainbow that God gave us. Afterward, we went in and Wes led us in a prayer thanking God for His promises and His beauty.

This picture doesn't do it justice, that rainbow lit up the sky! You don't see a full rainbow very often. Thanks God!

Abby lost her first tooth a while ago! Wow! My baby is growing up! She is only 5 and 3 months old. Seems early, but it was definitely loose. At dinner Avery told her she would pull it for her if Abby would pay her a dollar! Wes pulled it for her quickly. He is our official tooth puller around here. I will have the babies and he can pull their teeth. I feel like he gets the better end of the deal.

Right out of the shower, wet hair and all. She was excited!


Jennifer said...

I love this post. I started one today at school during lunch, but didn't have the pics. I'll have to finish soon. We had THE BEST time!! We just love you guys so much and cherish your friendship. Can't wait for the next trip!

Ashlie & Alfred said...

The stories you tell about the girls (especially Abby) always crack me up! I'm glad you all had fun and those pictures are great!