Friday, July 08, 2011


Zenith, our high school camp, was awesome this year! Great classes by the youth ministers, wonderful messages brought by Mitch Wilburn again, uplifting praise and worship time, entertaining/meaningful skits by UNBOUND, and many fun filled activities.

One of my favorite times of the week was when we went to the Oklahoma Food Bank to help out one afternoon. I always love working side by side with our youth for a great unselfish cause. Our group got to shovel frozen corn kernels into 3lb. bags, which then had to be measured to exactly 3lbs. and then sealed. I was so proud of our group. I heard very little complaining and everyone worked hard. Our fearless leader led us in chants like, "CORN, CORN, CORN!" or he would yell, "WHOLE KERNEL" to which we replied "CORN!" The group next to us had carrots, and we made it contest of yelling and working hard. Avery, Abby, and their friend, Riley, (also a youth minister's kid) were little balls of energy. They were our main carriers of the bags to get weighed. I heard zero complaints from them. When we were done we had to clean up our whole area. You would be surprised at how corn gets stuck to a cement floor.

The whole group!

The swag. Don't ask.

Funny faces with Kaila.


Kaila pounding the frozen kernels loose while Easton watches.

Abby - a hard worker.

Kaci, our terrific intern weighing the bags.

Sing Song faces, girls. Don't you love the hairnets?

What a hottie!

I am so thankful for the relationships we have built through the years with the youth ministers and other staff at camp. It seems like each year just gets better and better.

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