Friday, July 08, 2011

Starting Off the Summer with Cousins!

At the beginning of the summer Aaron, Janet, Mylen and Aivlyn came to visit for two nights. We had such a great time catching up, playing games, watching the kids and just hanging out. We had not seen them since Christmas, so it was great to be together.

One of the days we headed to the Splash water park in Sherman. Avery, Abby and Mylen went down the big slides more times than I could count. I am sure Aivlyn would have been right there with them if there had not been any height restrictions.

Taking a break for a snack and a drink.

Cousins waiting in line together. I didn't get any pictures of them going down the big slides because so often I was right along with them.

Do you notice the trend here with Abby holding her nose? The girl hates to get water up her nose.

Even Dad and Gina went down the tall slides which of course made the grand kids happy!

The first day we had our own water slide and pool time in our back yard.

Aaron and Janet. Not sure why Aaron wouldn't smile - goofball!

Grandpa and Gina bought these shirts for the girls in Scotland. Aren't they cute?

A good time was had by all. I am so thankful the girls have cousins around their age to play with.

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