Monday, July 25, 2011

Cornerstone and Impact

Zenith and Cornerstone and Impact were right after each other which works out quite well. We just stay at Oklahoma Christian for the weekend. Wes did end up having to take the Zenith kids home since there were some problems with the bus, but he joined us the very next day.

The girls and I decided to head to the Oklahoma City Science Museum Friday afternoon. We have been to the Fort Worth one too. This one was even better. There were so many hands-on activities. We couldn't even see everything in the 5 hours we spent there.

We watched an IMAX production of Legends of Flight first, which wasn't what I was expecting, but we still learned a lot. We should have probably watched Extreme instead.

Seesaw on a log!

I think they are ready for Trek!

After some hands-on learning fun we headed to Science Live! In an auditorium a very lively presenter created explosions to teach about chemical and physical reactions. During the show he asked for volunteers. They were told not raise their hands to volunteer. They had to dance to music. Well, say no more, Abby got into the dancing and was chosen to go on stage in front of 100 or so people. She helped blow up a huge bottle. I got in on video. She loved every bit of it!

Abby, The Scientist - View it on YouTube

The next day we headed to the water park in Edmond with our friends Cori and Jason and their girls Riley and Reagan. Jason is also a youth minister and Cori is a teacher. We have a lot in common. It has been so neat to develop relationships with other families at camp through the years.

Splish, Splash!

Good Friends!

After a fun and relaxing weekend we started Impact and Cornerstone. This was the first year we sent one of our very own kids to camp. Avery was super excited! Abby was sad and jealous. Poor girl! Avery ended up having a wonderful first week of camp and is excited about going next year.

Avery and her roomies, Paislee and Henley. Abby is wishing she could be one too.

These two have been friends since they were just babies.

Avery's whole group.

Impact campers from Park Avenue.

Funny faces!

We checked on Avery and her friends from church a couple of times of day for just a little bit. Each time she was having a ball. I am so thankful that Impact and Cornerstone run the same week, so I could keep an eye on her. She was able to go a year early since Wes and I were there for Cornerstone - the perks of being on staff at camp.

Cornerstone was terrific! The classes, activities, and worship were amazing. Again, like Zenith, my favorite part was when we went to the food bank. We did the same thing, but this time we had cauliflower, which I must say is harder to chop up!

I always enjoy going to classes with our teens.

Horsing Around!

We are excited about our service project!

Lot's of people serving! So proud!

Serving alongside friends.

The Middle School Gang!

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