Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Grass and Sweet Prayers

Recently, we decided to lay new St. Augustine in our back yard. What an undertaking that was! Since we moved in this house 5 years ago we have not been able to get the grass to grow very well in the back yard. We had lots of very poor grass along with weeds and dirt. Wes spent two days shoveling out our old sod/weeds. We rented a sod cutter from Home Depot, but it was still a huge chore! Blake came one day and was a huge help digging! Wes ended up taking 6 loads of old sod on a flat bed trailer to the dump. Thankfully, during the month of April you are allowed to bring us much debris as you need to for free. I was only able to help dig for a couple of hours because it was during the week, and I was tutoring. I did get to help lay some of the sod which is much easier than digging out the old. Some friends from church also helped us lay the new sod, which was made the task much easier. Thank you friends!

Hard working brothers!

The new sod.

8 1/2 pallets later. Yay for new grass!

Now we have been watering daily except for the days we had the storms, which we were very thankful for, even though they gave us quite a scare at times. During one particular storm there was a tornado warning, so we rushed across the street to our neighbor's house who has a cellar under her garage. We watched the weather on the news and thankfully we did not even have to go in her cellar. While we were there the girls had to use the bathroom. When they got back Avery told me they said a prayer together for God to keep us safe. That sure made this mommy proud! Later, when we headed back across the street, I ran behind the house to our garage where the key-less entry is. I told the girls to stay by the front door, and I would let them in so that they would not have to get wet from the rain. They told me they said another prayer then, because the lightening, wind, and thunder was still scary, despite the fact that the tornado warning had lifted. It sure warmed my heart!

Later that night after the storm passed we thought the worst was over. Little did we know there was more excitement to come. The wind picked up, and all of the sudden I kept hearing loud popping sounds from our backyard. When I looked out the window I say sparks flying as if someone was setting off fireworks in our backyard. We knew it had something to do with our electrical lines and decided it would be best to call 911. They came out and basically told us they could not do anything. It was caused by two electrical lines hitting a tree at the same time. They told us not to worry about anything catching on fire because everything was too wet. Well, about two minutes later one of my friends called to tell me that her tree caught on fire from the same thing a few minutes earlier. As we were talking she realized her tree had caught on fire a second time and the fire appeared to be getting bigger. She quickly called 911. Thankfully, it finally went out. Sadly, her whole street's electricity was out for about a day! Needless to say, I was a little worried about what could happen at our house. I have since put a call into our electric company.

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