Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Happenings

Our Easter weekend started off with soccer games. Only two of the five players showed up for Abby's game. Three players play at a time. We were a little worried, thinking they were probably going to get creamed. Believe it or not, the score was 4-4. Abby and Reagan played the whole time and were still able to tie with their opponents. It was amazing! Avery played her last game of the season and won. They did not loose a game all season long! I am impressed!

After the girl's games, we went straight to the Easter Egg Hunt at church. We had several visitors from the community, which is always great. Besides the egg hunts, there were crafts, finger foods, and a bounce house.

The next day, I went in the kitchen to make breakfast and there was a card for us on the kitchen table. Avery had woken up early and made us a sweet Easter card. How thoughtful! We all went to church and then we had Dad and Gina over for Easter lunch. A few hours later we drove to Blake and Katy's house. Avery, Abby, and Tripp had a good time hunting for more eggs.

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