Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings

My girls crack me up! The other day Abby said, "My favorite substitute would be Nikki." I replied, "Nikki is not a teacher." She answered, "With a little bit of magic she could be!"

Later Avery said, "I tasted air today, and it tasted TERRIBLE!" Abby asked her why she tasted it, to which Avery replied, "Someone dared me to at school, and I figured it was an easy dare. The air tasted really bitter!"

This past week was the TAKS test. I helped give the test for 3 days in a row at Layne Elementary. I was impressed that the principal wrote notes to each of the students and made her rounds with a basket of peppermints each day. My friend told me that at another school the principal prayed with her daughter who was nervous about the test. I love our school district!! We have so many wonderful, Godly teachers and administrators.

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