Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another Wonderful Weekend of Camping

Over the Memorial Day weekend we went camping with several of our friends from our small group. By the time we all decided on a date there weren't many options available around Lake Texoma. We finally decided on Grandpappy Point. Wes and I went out there Thursday morning to reserve our spots since we knew it would be a very crowded weekend.

Most of us headed out there on Friday after school. After dinner and setting up our tents we played a game of volleyball. We will probably never forget our friendly camping neighbor buddy, Cory, who played with us. This 12 year old was full of stories/lies. He made us laugh with his stories of going to state in volleyball and his tales of his winnings in the game of washers. He was a character! By the way, my team won both times in volleyball. Woo hoo! We spent the rest of the night talking, singing, and just hanging out.

The next day the kids woke us up bright and early, which is usually the case when we are camping. We tried our hand at Cara Miller's camping donuts recipe. The yummy donuts were enjoyed by all. Next time we will have to remember not to shake the donuts up in Ziploc bags. I sure didn't think the donuts would melt the bag. We will definitely be taking paper bags in the future.

The kids all had so much fun together playing in the sand of the volleyball court which was right next to our site. I am sure we left some Polly Pockets buried alive there. Ooops!

After lunch when it started to get super hot we drove a very short distance to a cool beach area. I was surprised how much cooler the water was from last year when we went on the same weekend. It didn't stop us from getting in, and it definitely cooled you down.

That night we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and we had another great night of hanging out. We played several hilarious games of Mafia. Mafia can get pretty interesting when half the people are exhausted.

The next day was Sunday, so Wes got up early to head to church. The rest of us slept in until around 8 which is pretty late when you are camping. We started off with a breakfast of pancakes. I packed up most of the tent while it was cool outside then we hung out. After lunch it got hot and we headed down to the beach. Soon after we got there poor Avery cut her foot on something on the beach. There was a ton of blood, so I couldn't tell if it needed stitches. I was thankful that our friend Nikki was there who is a physical therapist. She assured me she didn't need stitches. I ran to the car to get our first aid kit. (I am sure that was a lovely site, seeing as I was in my bathing suit.) Thankfully, after we got her bandaged up she was much better, although we didn't allow her to get back in the water the rest of the day, since it was a pretty deep cut and we didn't want it get infected.

Around 4:30 other people from our small group joined us for a devotional. We sang children's songs and Wes did a lesson for the little ones. After that we sent them to play in the sand so we could have our own devo time.

We all enjoyed one last dinner together. During dinner we heard a loud crash from the campsite next to us and then a truck peeled off down the road. Turns out a guy had hit a van which then hit another car. The guy must have been drunk or high because he just peeled off. Two of our friends along with Wes chased him down as he drove through the camping area. I will never forget the image of Jesse running with a hot dog skewer with a hot dog on the end running after the guy. Our other friend, Kyle, was chasing him and ran straight into a tree and fell down. The guy never did stop, but Wes got his license plate. We never did find out if he got caught. We were there for another hour and the police had still not come out to get the report. I was so thankful none of our kids were on the street or close to it when all this happened.

Abby, Ava, and Kylee.

Barry, Jennifer and their new baby Ellie. This was a first for her and she did great!

This is how I found the girls when I went to bed. This is proof of how much Abby moves around in her sleep. Her head should be on the pillow next to Avery. Instead she has her feet on my pillow. Thanks Abby!

Justin and Kyle playing washers.

Hanging out with the gals.

Wynn and Carrie.

The kids spent hours playing in the sand of the volleyball court.

Barry on his maiden voyage with his new kayak.

Jesse and Rachel and their horse...oh, I mean dog.

The McAlister clan. We were thrilled they spent the night this time. Usually, they only come out for the day.

The Bounds family joined us at the lake.

Justin and Wes soaking up the sun.

Kylee and Avery.

Abby and Sybil.

These two were excited to be together. Sybil's family moved last summer. So glad they got to join us for this weekend.

Abby wrote this on the picnic bench. Can you tell how she feels about sweet baby Ellie?

Ellie is all smiles! What a cutie!

I am so thankful to God for this group of friends. We have laughed together, cried together and grown closer to God together. What a blessing they are to my family!


Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

how fun. when you get a chance could you pass on the donut recipe?

Naomi said...

Amy, here is the recipe.
* Cheap Refridgerated Biscuits
* Oil
* Cinnamon
* Sugar
* Powdered Sugar

How to Prepare:
Take large cast iron skillet and heat about a 1/2 inch of the oil. Open the biscuits and carefully poke your finger through to make a hole in middle. Lay the biscuits in the oil, flip when golden.

Drain off oil on some paper towels.

Add sugar and cinnamon or powdered sugar and cinnamon (or just surgar)into a brown paper bag. Drop donuts in and shake.