Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Six Flags ROCKS!

After Work Camp ended we took the teens to Six Flags. We had a blast! Abby had been once before with the Slechta family, but this was a first for Avery. Abby loved being our tour guide and telling us about everything she had done before. Since she is the youngest, this doesn't happen much. The weather was really not too extremely hot, and the lines were fantastic! We never had to wait very long at all. In fact, most times there was just one group ahead of us before we could get on the ride.

Wes started off the morning going on rides with Avery and Abby, while I went on some rides with the teens. Of course, they wanted to ride Batman, Mr. Freeze, and Super Man right away. After riding Batman twice in a row my stomach was pretty queasy, so I sat out for two rides. I think my stomach has gotten weaker since having children. Super Man was my favorite "scary" ride.

After meeting up with our whole group for some lunch I went on all kinds of rides with the girls. We rode the Mini Mine Train as well as the Big Mine Train, the Log Ride, the Roaring Rapids, and much more. Abby did not want to ride on the Parachute Ride with Avery and I, so she patiently waited for us at the bottom. I found out that if you really talk up the rides as being "fun" they will usually go for it. I have to admit I purposely did not tell the girls about the big drop at the end of the Log Ride, and I told them that they might get a "little" wet on the Roaring Rapids. They were the two that got soaked the most, and they LOVED it!

Tickets in hand and ready to go!

Ready for a boat ride?

Abby helped drive. Surprisingly, Avery did not want to drive.

Avery rode this ride over and over again with our teens and interns. Thanks for looking out for her, Karissa!

I think I would have been scared of this guy at age 5.

Sweet intern Cody was nice enough to let Abby ride on his shoulders part of the way to lunch and back. When you decide to eat lunch out of the park, it can be quite a trek!

Jordan came along too, to help us out. She is great with the middle schoolers!

The girls made some friends.

This little boy liked Avery's hair, I guess.

Abby, the backseat driver.

The swing rides! My stomach can definitely not take going around in circles. Thankfully, the girls had no problem going by themselves.

Getting ready for the Log Ride!

A good time was had by all!

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