Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arlington Work Camp

We started the first week of the summer with a bang and headed down to Arlington for Work Camp. Wes, our interns, and the middle schoolers left on Sunday and the girls and I joined them on Tuesday.

The girls and I stayed at Granny's house. They had a wonderful time with Granny, and I was able to help out some with the youth group fixing up a house for an elderly lady who was a shut-in.

We had a group of really hard workers who transformed a house by scraping away old paint and putting on a fresh coat of paint. The group also trimmed lots of trees and bushes. When we were finished the elderly lady was extremely grateful and thanked the group with some really kind words. She talked about what a blessing the kids were to her and how beautiful her place looked now. Her daughter was also there who was crying as she also thanked the group. It was very sweet. It is always rewarding to watch our teens be God's hands and feet to others. I am proud of them! The gave up the first part of their summer to get hot, sweaty, dirty, and pretty worn out. Thanks for for letting God use you, gang!

The whole crew!

Working hard in 100 degree weather! True service!

Working hard and having fun!

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