Friday, October 14, 2011

A Toothless Grin and www.!

One day last week, Abby came home with a missing tooth. Mrs. Jackson (known for her great teeth pulling skills) had pulled it for her at school and placed it in a cute purple treasure chest. I told the superintendent who goes to our church that Mrs. Jackson deserved a raise for all the teeth she pulls at Hyde Park Elementary.
Abby's other front tooth was slightly loose when she lost the first one. These last couple of days it has been almost hanging, but she would not let anyone pull it. She was scared that it would hurt. Finally, yesterday she pulled it herself right before getting in the shower. Ha! She was pretty proud of her accomplishment. It's funny how two little things can change the whole look of someone's face.
About a week ago, Abby was outside by herself swinging. This wasn't just regular swinging. Abby was standing on the swing while she was swinging and she was singing at the top of her lungs. I was watching all of this from inside. She sang church songs and also her very own creative church songs about people making bad decisions. (Can you tell what we have been talking about at home?) Anyways it was pretty entertaining. What really made me laugh out loud was at the end of one of her own created songs she said, "For more songs visit" Ha!
Later, I told her that I heard her and that it made me happy that she loved to sing songs about God. I told her our neighbors probably enjoyed her singing, too. She then asked as serious as could be, "Did you hear my website?" I replied that I had. She said, "Do you think the neighbors will visit it?" This girl cracks us up!

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