Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Birthday to Abby!

Today is Abby's 6th birthday! Yay! We are spending it snowed/iced in for the 3rd day in a row! It is neat that we get to spend the whole day together when normally she would have to go to school.

These are some things I want to remember at Abby at this fun age:

1. Abby is super cuddly. She loves to snuggle in church, while reading a book, while watching T.V. or just talking. I hope she never outgrows this.

2. Abby often volunteers to pray. She even volunteered to pray in front of several teens and other little kids at a church in Panama over Christmas break. One of the things she often says in her prayers is, "Please help the people who don't know about God to learn about God."

3. Abby is hilarious. She is our family clown, for sure. She keeps us laughing with her facial expressions, jokes (which she often makes up), her dancing and just her everyday comments.

4. Abby is spunky! Although her teachers at school don't always see this part of her, at home and around people she knows well, she does not mind being the center of attention.

5. Abby wants to be a missionary when she grows up. She even wrote about this on a school writing project a couple weeks ago. Our prayer for the girls is that they will do great things for God, even if it means they will be miles away from us.

6. We are told that Abby is often quiet and serious at school, which is hard for us to believe, because we don't see that side of her much at home.

7. Abby talks like a baby A LOT. This tends to drive us crazy.

8. Abby is pretty good about sharing. She does this better than her 7 year old sister. She will even share her new toys.

9. Abby is a good reader. She constantly surprises us with the words she can read. She has the most AR points out of all the kindergartners at school. She is supposed to read for 20 minutes each night. She brings 2 library books home every day that she has to read 3 times each. She usually chooses to read both books 3 times each, even though it might take her more than 20 minutes.

10. Abby cleans up well. She sometimes even cleans her room without being told.

11. Abby is a crazy dancer. Those of you who have seen her know what I mean. She has some funky moves that will keep you laughing.

12. Abby plays well by herself. She doesn't have to be entertained or played with. She is content to play by herself.

13. Abby is a picky eater. I must say she has gotten better about this, but it is still a struggle at times. She can be a very slow eater too. She is usually the last one at the table.

14. Abby's emotions are easily seen. They are written all over her face. While this can be cute and funny at times, at other times it can be down right frustrating! The worst is when she is pouting in public. Then everyone starts asking her what is wrong or they try to cheer her up. The best thing Wes and I have found to do in this situation is to just ignore her. She does not want people in her face. Eventually, she chooses to snap out of her attitude.

15. Abby is a girly girl but also doesn't mind getting dirty playing in some mud or sand.

16. Abby loves being in the water. I can't wait for warmer weather so we can go swimming.

17. Abby enjoys playing soccer. She may not score that many goals, but she can sure guard her goal with an intensity like you have never seen.

18. Abby loves the big kids (the youth group) and our small group. She gets super excited when she finds out either of these groups are coming to our house.

19. Abby is a thinker. She will often stop in the middle of a story or Little House on the Prairie show to ask about a certain situation.

20. She is a great artist. She enjoys drawing, painting, and other little crafty things. Her teacher has been teaching her to add details to her artwork. She also likes to give her artwork to other people which is nice, since we can't fit them all on our refrigerator or her bulletin board.

21. At times Abby can be a perfectionist. This is a good thing most of them time because she will try really hard to do things well, but it can sometimes lead to frustration which can be no fun at all.

22. Abby is a good student. (Or so we have been told... Don't you wish you could be a fly on the wall in your kid's classroom?) She has made all E's in all subjects and in citizenship. She is proud of herself when she does well. It is pretty cute to see her reaction to her grades or awards.

23. Abby can be a good helper. She helps dust, sweep, clean bathrooms, fold and put away laundry, clean away dishes and more. For the most part she doesn't complain when asked to help out.

24. Abby enjoys giving hugs. Whether it is a friend, cousin, big kid, or an elderly person at church, she is not afraid to share her hugs. Some of them can be sweet and gentle while some of them can knock you right off your feet.

I am so thankful for this gift that God has blessed us with. At times she has kept us on our knees praying, but I wouldn't trade her for anything. I can't wait to see what God has in store for her this year.

Six years ago, this little gal came into our lives and things have never been the same. Who would have thought this content, fairly easy baby would turn into the spunky girl she is today.

I love you bunches!

One of those big hugs!

Your sister loves you, too.



Amy said...

that was a precious post. i loved reading it. i always check in to your blog every now and then to keep up. i can't wait to read avery's when she turns 8 soon - can you believe?

The Bounds Family said...

I loved that post!! Tears in my eyes. She is such a sweet girl.