Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

On Sunday morning it began to snow while we were getting ready for church. During church it really started coming down. I love to watch it. It looks so peaceful and beautiful. We had a youth lunch and meeting after church and by the time we were done, everything was white. That afternoon the girls and I bundled up and headed outside to play. We tried to build a snowman and snowdog (Avery's idea), but the snow was to powdery. It just wouldn't stick. We tried several times. We even walked up to the church but didn't have any luck there either. It was really too soft and powdery to sled down the hill at church like we usually do when it snows. Nevertheless, we still had a great time playing in it.

Playing in our backyard. Abby enjoyed sweeping the tree house.

In our front yard. They really enjoyed laying in the snow.

Abby's hat kept slipping down, but she didn't mind at all.

Avery, snowball in hand.

These are pictures I took at the Prayer Garden behind our church. The girls loved throwing snow in the fountain. We decided it looked like a big slushy.

The girls were so excited when we got the call last night that school would be canceled today. I have to admit, I was excited and giddy, too.

This morning we all slept in, ate a big late breakfast, played in the snow, and had a little hot chocolate tea party with the girl's little tea set (a tradition around here after we play in the snow). We also had plenty of time to play inside, and I was able to even get a few things done. We ended the night with a couple of episodes of Little House on the Praire.

I sure do love snow days!


Anonymous said...

I love snowy days too, so nice to be forced to stay in and relax. Your snow photos are great!!! The girls look so happy and you had them prepared for such days with the great warm clothing!!! Aunt Cathy

Jennifer said...

Fun times!

Anonymous said...


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