Sunday, September 05, 2010

Our Kindergartner and Second Grader

Yes, I am just now blogging about the first day of school. Sorry, blogging is towards the bottom of my priority list. Ha!

School started August 24th. Wes and I both took the girls to school. We stopped at Abby's room first. She has Mrs. Mackay for a teacher which is the same teacher Avery had. We loved her! I taught with her at Hyde Park before the girls were born. Anyways, Abby was very excited, but quiet. I was excited for her, but my heart was breaking inside. This day had come way too quickly. I held back the tears as we got her settled and took some pictures, but I couldn't hold them in any longer as we left the room. Parents and teachers empathized as I boo-hooed my way up to Avery's classroom.

We got Avery settled in Mrs. Watson's room. It was a little strange because this is the first year that we really don't know her teacher. The first year she had Mrs. Mackay who I had taught with, and last year she had Mrs. Pughe who is a member of our church. I have heard great things about Mrs. Watson, but it was just strange dropping my kid off with someone for about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week that I really didn't know personally.

Wes went off to work and I headed off to many errands I had been saving for this day with no kiddos. All day, and for several days it was just a weird feeling having both girls in school. In some ways I am ready for them to be this old, but in a lot of ways I am not.

I am glad that they are at Hyde Park. Because I taught there for 3 years I know the principal and several of the teachers and staff pretty well. This helps me feel more comfortable and at ease.

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