Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beaver's Bend

On Labor Day weekend, we took a mini vacation with Nana, Paw Paw, Katy, Blake, Tripp, and Grace. We picked up the girls right after school and made it there by dinner time. The cabin we stayed at was a cabin we had stayed at before - twice with two different groups of Seniors. It was neat to go back and read what we had written in the guest book. They had a hot tub, which was a nice addition. The girls, of course, wanted to get in it right away.

On Saturday morning we enjoyed an interesting breakfast by Wes. On one of Wes's guy's trip they made chicken and waffles and he loved it. He wanted us to try it out too. Basically, you just take a waffle and put a Chic-fil-A chicken breast on top and cover it with syrup. I have to admit, I was skeptical about this, but it was actually pretty good.

After breakfast we had some time to relax and watch the cousins play. We also spotted a couple of deer right outside our window. (We saw deer about 3 different times the whole trip.) Nana also took the grand-kids on a nature walk.

Abby getting some cuddle time with Aunt Katy.

We all loved holding sweet baby Grace. She was so content and peaceful. Before we know it she will be running around with her brother and cousins.

That afternoon we rented a boat from the marina. We had a great time tubing and water skiing. The girls were cute as they kept signing for Paw Paw to speed up. They would also try different tricks like dancing while riding or raising their hands up quickly and not holding on. They thought they were pretty cool.

I also got to enjoy some water skiing. I hadn't skied since last summer, but I was able to get up and stay up until my muscles could no longer take it. (It's like riding a bike.) Can I just say that I LOVE skiing!

We love boating!

I believe we are singing, "I like to move it, move it!"

Wes and Blake went tubing together and were trying all kinds of goofy tricks (trying to play airplane - with Wes lifting up Blake on his legs - like you do with little kids). Thankfully, no one was near us to see their embarrassing tactics.

They are planning something silly, for sure.

Blake and Tripp tried to go tubing for a bit. There was a short moment where Tripp actually looked like he was enjoying it, but then he began to cry. We certainly weren't going to torture him so we pulled him and Blake back to the boat. Tripp did enjoy riding on the boat and even got to help Paw Paw drive. Next year, I bet, he will be ready to join his cousins (Abby and Abby- That is what he calls them.) on a tube.

"Let's go faster Paw Paw!"

Cousin fun!

The next day we had another big breakfast and a lazy morning. The cousins wanted to venture into the woods and explore. I am pretty sure this is where our wonderful little friends, "the chiggers", met up with us. I HATE those things! I was in the woods the least, yet I got the most bites. UGGGG! Dabbing bleach on the bites seemed to be the best remedy. Has anyone had luck with something else?

The cousins enjoyed playing in the water at the cabin. They filled up buckets, tried to teach some bugs to swim, shot each other with water guns, and even captured a grasshopper with Nana's help. The next day I convinced Avery it did not want to come home with us. It needed to stay with his family and friends. Tripp loved spraying the water hose. Who knew that something like that would be such a great form of entertainment for the little guy?

That afternoon we went swimming in the lake for a couple of hours. The weather was perfect for us!

Pondering important things at the lake.

All that swimming made them hungry for a snack.

That night we ate outside. Paw Paw grilled some delicious hot dogs and hamburgers, and we ate Paw Paw's yummy homemade ice cream for dessert. We also made a campfire and roasted some smores.

Paw Paw had some fans while he made home made ice cream. Was it because he would give them some licks of ice cream? Hmmm...

Some good things take time.

Our family sitting around the campfire.

"Is it done yet, Daddy?"



After we put the kids to bed we played Things in a Box and had some good laughs.
The next morning we packed up to head on back home.

We sure had fun with everyone and made some great memories. We all wished Granny could have been there. Thanks Paw Paw and Nana for making the trip possible!


Ashlie and Alfred said...

This brings back fond memories of our Senior weekend out! Avery was just a tiny baby then :). Do you remember locking the boys out of their cabin?

As far as chiggers go, rubbing vick's vapo rub on them seemed to help a lot with the itching - but it still took weeks for all my spots to go away!

Naomi said...

Yes, that trip was so much fun with our Seniors! I always think of you all when we go by those two little cabins. Good memories, Ashlie!