Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festivals

Abby and I joined Carrie, Sybil, Kristy, and Kyra for a trip to a local pumpkin patch. I was pretty impressed with the set up they had out there. First, the girls enjoyed watching a neat video on how a pumpkin starts from just a little seed. From there we headed to a fun maze which even gave the adults some trouble. After that, we petted a pig, and bunny, and fed chickens and goats grass. The kids played on the playground before getting on a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch we dressed a naked scarecrow and had fun taking lots of pictures. The girls got to choose a little pumpkin, too. It was a fun outing for sure! (Avery was in school or she would have joined us. Next year I plan to take both girls.)

The three cutie pies!

They found each other in the maze!

Not sure what to think about the pig.

Abby's new friend.

She sure enjoyed those chickens!

On the bumpy hay ride.

I love ya, sweet Abby!

On top of the world! (or hay)

Abby feeling sorry for the poor naked scarecrow.

The scarecrow looked much better with his clothes on.

That was a lot of fun! We will be back next year!

We had our annual Fall Festival at the preschool. Dad and Gina joined us for this fun occasion. We spotted them in the parking lot dressed as a hobo couple. It was too funny! The girls loved it! Gina even had a stuffed dog on a leash to complete the costume. I was joking when I had talked with Dad earlier that day. The last think I told him was, "Don't forget your costume!" I was totally joking, but he and Gina got their creative minds working and pulled these outfits off in a few hours!

The girls had a ball, as usual, playing all the games, eating hot dogs, and going trick-or-treating.

Let the fun begin!

Grampy and Abby going fishing.

What will Avery catch?

On Halloween we had a terrific time at Park Avenue's Fall Festival. The weather was perfect and the girls enjoyed all the activities. Wes and I even got in the bounce house and jumped with them. It was a good work out! That night we took the girls trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. When we got back home the girls raced to the door every time the doorbell rang so they could pass out candy. As our candy began to dwindle I asked the girls if there was any candy in their buckets they would like to give other kids. They both shouted, "Yea!" so we dumped all their candy out and they picked out tons of candy to give away. That shocked me that they were willing to share their loot.

Good times with the family!

It's apple pickin' time!

Decorating pumpkins.

Thanks for painting my face Jessica!

Kayla concentrating on her lovely artwork.

Brittany was also Tinkerbell. I originally got this costume for Avery to be a butterfly, but she thought it looked more like Tinkerbell. Whatever!

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