Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cancun With My Baby!

This year Wes and I celebrated our ten year anniversary. Yay us! Debbie and Ernie wanted to help send us on a trip so we chose an all inclusive resort in Cancun. We also invited our friends Karla and Blake. Karla was in our youth group years ago and now she is all grown up and married to a youth minister. The resort was great, the relaxation was much needed, the food was wonderful, and the company was loads of fun. Too bad the weather did not cooperate. Tropical storm Ida (which later turned into a hurricane) decided to make an appearance at Cancun while we were there. We were still able to have a terrific time despite the cloudy skies. We just didn't get a good tan or enough time in the water.

Because we were staying at a Grand Oasis Resort we had access to the other Grand Oasis Resorts in the area. One day Wes and I went to another resort where the waves were known for being higher. Well, they were even higher than normal because of the storm. We rented boogie boards and had an adventure riding some really high waves. One time, I rode a wave right over two teenage boys. I didn't even touch them at all. Wes saw the whole thing. What a thrill! The rough waves really gave us a beating and we had to get out and rest at times. The next day we planned to go again with Blake and Karla, but the waves were too dangerous. The lifeguard even blew the whistle at Blake when he started to get in. (We can't take him anywhere!) :)

We had an amazing time and made lots of memories. Thanks Encalades for helping to make this possible and thanks Karla and Blake for joining us! We are blessed to have you for friends!

I love you, Bookie!

A yummy Asian restaurant we ate at overlooking the waves we had just boogie boarded in.

I think something bad is about to happen!

Cute couple - scary waves and storm.

Blue water - where are the blue skies?

Braving the strong winds and watching the amazing waves!

This was in the middle of one of the buildings at one of the other Grand Oasis Resorts.

Nice pose!

I am glad we didn't break the palm tree!

Shopping is fun for everyone! These masks were great!

Blake actually bought his mask and thought about wearing it in the airport, but decided airport security might not like that. Good decision Blake!

Love you all!

What a handsome guy!


Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

love the pictures. glad you had a great time. see you soon.

Karla said...

YEAH!!! We had so much fun! Let's go back some time when there isn't going to be a tropical storm!!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like a fun trip. You guys are such a sweet couple. Congratulations on 10 years!

Summer Walters

Ashlie said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun. 10 years - wow! You both look way to young to have been married that long :).

Anonymous said...

Y'all both look great and like you enjoyed yourselves. Happy for ya! See ya super soon! Lauren