Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Year of Preschool

At last the big day arrived for Abby. She was super excited to go to preschool today and to be in Mrs. Mann's class. Mrs. Mann gave us an information sheet about all the things they will be doing in her class this year. It sounds so fun and interesting I kind of wish I could be in there with Abby.

My first day went great too. It started with a delicious breakfast provided by the school board. When all my little students arrived the day went so much smoother and calmer than the first day last year. There was really just one student who cried off and on through out the morning. Thanks God for answering many prayers about this day. I guess the highlight would have to be the little puppet show I put on for them to illustrate our classroom rules. I really had them cracking up. It was fun!

Here is Abby with her Western Heights Preschool tote ready for her last year of preschool (sniff, sniff).


Anonymous said...

Abby is so beautiful!! Lauren

Maggie said...

your girls are sooo cute and more importantly sooo sweet. hope we get to see yall soon!