Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Grade and Other New Beginnings...

Our week started off by taking Avery to First Grade. Just writing that makes me a little sad again. The girls are growing up way too fast! Avery has had a wonderful first week. She still has a whopping 12 students in her class. She came home every day telling us about all the neat things she got to do that day. She especially liked the reading loft in her room where they get to take turns reading. I am so thankful that Avery loves to learn and be at school. I often pray about this so I give God all the glory. She has already taken the STAR test which helps determine their reading level. The test determined that she was on a 2.6 reading level which means she is reading like an average 2nd grader in their 6 month of school. She gets to check out books from the library that are on the 2.4-3.4 reading level. Her teacher told us that it will be a challenge for her to make sure Avery has material and activities on her level. The gifted and talented teacher (who is also a friend and member of our church) is going to give her ideas. Wes and I are thrilled.

Ready for First Grade?

Avery and her teacher, Mrs. Pughe.

Her new backpack. Avery likes the fact that her lunch box matches it and can snap on the outside of the bag. I picked this out at Old Navy on a great sale this summer. Thankfully Avery loved it too. I am pretty sure she would have picked out some pink backpack with Disney Princesses on it, if I had let her choose one all by herself. Sorry, I just get tired of pink and princess stuff. Does anyone else feel that way? How long do you think I can get away with "helping" her choose her things? Ha!

Her first day before Kindergarten last year. She looks so little.

Wes, Abby, and I went to eat lunch with Avery on Friday. We had a great time eating our yummy Sonic, visiting with Avery and her friends and playing with them on the playground. Poor Abby was very sad when it was time for us to leave.

Friday was also the day of Avery's first soccer practice. Wes took her shopping last week to get her soccer shoes (pink and black) and shin guards (pink). Several days before the first practice Avery put on all her gear and enjoyed wearing it around the house. One day she had her soccer gear on with a ballerina outfit. I should have taken a picture. Wes has enjoyed practicing soccer with her. Wes will be the assistant coach but could not make the first practice due to very important business (aka fantasy football draft with his buddies). Avery did a great job blocking some attempts at goals when she was assigned to be the goal keeper . She also hustled very hard when she was not the goalie. Other parents commented on how fast she was and how much she hussled. She loved it! She was pooped when she got home. Abby had fun watching and cheering for her. She would give me stems of grass and tell me we had to wave it and yell, "Go Avery!" She is her sister's best cheerleader, I am pretty sure. That just warms my heart. Abby also enjoyed running lines along the sidelines as Avery's team ran.

Saturday night we had family game night. We played Princess Checkers, Princess Bingo, and a Dora ABC game. Good times! Abby has really matured and does not get upset when she looses a game. Last night she was running around saying, "Avery got a Bingo! Avery got a Bingo!"

Abby has been counting down the days until preschool starts. We begin tomorrow. Abby's teacher is going to be awesome! She is very sweet and upbeat and I know Abby is going to have a great time.

I am a little nervous about tomorrow, I have to admit. The first couple of days are always hard with my two year old class. They are two - need I say more? There are usually lots of tears. But, I am hoping the calm kids will keep Carrie and I laughing with all the silly things they do and say.

Wes has been busy with his grad classes lately. He is pursuing a masters in Conflict Resolution from ACU. Most of the classes are online and he is really enjoying it. He took some classes last year, but he took a break when all the cancer stuff came up. He has made excellent grades so far, mostly 100's. I am proud of him!

I will let you know how tomorrow goes...


Anonymous said...

Hope school goes well for you tomorrow!! I am sure it will be great!! Avery is just gorgeous!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck tomorrow! So glad the girls love makes us teachers happy!

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

glad the beginning of school went well.