Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming Lessons

The girls have been going to swimming lessons at the pool that is just a few minutes from our house. It has been neat watching them improve each day. Abby's teacher is one of my old fourth grade student's sister. It is a small world.

Each day after the lesson they excitedly tell me the things they did and learned. I guess they forget that I am right there watching them. I even give them thumbs up signs and clap quietly when they do well. Too funny!

I wish I could jump in there with them everyday. It is an indoor pool. Part of the glass roof can be opened and there are sliding glass doors that are opened, but it still feels like you are in a sauna.

Yesterday, I was watching Abby and she started pulling the bottoms of her tankini right off her bottom. She was swishing water in and out of her bathing suit. I immediately jumped up from my seat to see what her deal was. Her teacher was busy with another student and didn't see (at least, I hope that is the case) what Abby was doing. Abby told me she was cleaning the pee out of her bathing suit. I am sure she is not the first 4 year old to be peeing in the pool. I quickly took her to the bathroom to finish up her business. Oh my, when does it click that it is not okay for everybody to see your hiney and private parts or to pee in the pool? Ha! I felt better when I sat down and the lady next to me said that the other girl in Abby's class had just walked out of the bathroom back to the pool completely naked because she couldn't get her bathing suit on. I will have remember this story when I need to embarrass her in front of her teenage friends.

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