Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

On Saturday we were at the park feeding the ducks, going for a walk around the lake, and having a family picnic in 75 degree weather. Two days later we were building a snowman. THAT'S TEXAS FOR YOU!

Last night we got about 4 inches of snow. We had the high schoolers over for our weekly devotional when it first started coming down. After the devotional we all ran outside for snow ball fights and lots of fun in the snow. It was really coming down thick. Avery and Abby were thrilled. We let them stay out there playing until 9:30pm. Hey, how often do we get to play in the snow? Then we came in to warm up by our fire. They were up this morning, bright and early. Right after breakfast we headed outside to take advantage of the snow before it melted. We made snow angels and a handsome snowman. The girls and I went for a long walk to the church where we trampled up and down in the snow and rolled down the huge slope. They had a lot of fun walking around the prayer garden in the thick of the trees. Some of the trees were bent over the pathway, heavy with snow, making "rainbows" as the girls called them. After our trek home we warmed up with a hot chocolate with marshmallows tea party.


Wes, Cina, Melanie, Abby, and John taking a break from the snowball fights.

Trista and Danielle - Trista get some pants on!!!!



Getting cozy around the fireplace.

"Yay! It didn't melt during the night!"

"Mommy, this is so much fun!"

Our lovely snowman. Avery is showing off in front of him by giving me bunny ears.


Katie said...

Your girls are beautiful. I can't believe that snow. Definitely would never happen in Houston!

Monica said...

Great snowman. There is nothing like a March snow shower in Texas. Love your Gata sweat shirt too.

Maggie said...

That is so fun... I am jealous.