Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Even More Snow!

Wow! We could hardly believe how much snow we got this time. The Denison area received between 6 to 8 inches of snow just 3 days after the last time it snowed. It started in the early afternoon on Thursday. Of course, I pushed the girls nap time way back so they could enjoy playing in it as it came down. The snow flakes were so big that at times it seemed very blizzard-like. I never want to live in a place where it snows often, but it sure is nice a couple times of year.
"Look at my snowball, mom!"

I can barely see you through the snowflakes, Avery.

Winter Wonderland!

A school bus got stuck in our culdesac and our neighbors had to help dig it out with shovels.


The next day it was bright and sunny, and we had a ball playing in the snow that had not melted through the night. We tromped, once again, over to the church, hoping to sled down the slope, but we just sank through the thick snow.

"I'm gonna get you, Daddy!"

Lovin' this snow!

"Keep me warm, mommy!"

"Building a snowman can be hard work, can't it, Daddy!"

The girls were pretty proud of the nearly 6 foot snowman we built.

OK, so were Wes and I.


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