Wednesday, January 10, 2007


We celebrated Christmas twice at our house. On Saturday, Wes' family came for a Christmas lunch. After the girls naptime we sang Christmas songs and read two children's boooks about the birth of Jesus. Then we began opening presents. Avery zipped through her unwrapping while Abby wanted to take her time. She wanted to play with each and every gift before moving on to the next. Wes' family stayed the night and went to church with us the next day.

After they left Aaron, Janet, Mylen, and Dad joined us that afternoon. We attended our special candlelight service at church and then came home for some of our own traditions. We sang some more Christmas songs and read a book to the cousins about why we give gifts and celebrate Christmas. After the kiddos went to bed we took turns lighting our own candles while sharing our praises from 2006 and our prayers for 2007. My family has done that for several years now, and it is always a special time of sharing our hopes and dreams.

Here are a few Christmas pictures:

Our little Santas before the madness began!

Avery in her new Ariel wedding dress.

Abby's new icecream set.

We love you Grandpa and Aunt Janet!

The cousins wrestling with Uncle Aaron after he took them for a ride.

Cousin Mylen is so fun to play with!

We had to celebrate with Aunt Katy and Uncle Blake after Christmas because poor Blake got sick. :(

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