Thursday, March 14, 2013

Avery and Abby's Birthday Parties

This year both girls wanted their own slumber party with 4 of their good friends. Both parties were very similar. The girls ate pizza, had cake and ice cream, watched movies, played games, giggled lots, and made a craft. The girls and I picked up some cardboard 3D letters. Each girl got the beginning letter of their name. We used mod podge and scrapbook paper to cover them.


I am so thankful for each of these sweet little girls and the relationship they have with Avery and Abby.

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

i love your header picture. i guess you're getting caught up on your blogging. i love all your posts and am looking forward to being in some of your posts when we come back next year!!! i was just thinking that i'll be needing a clothes shopping trip as soon as i get back. i fear that nothing in my closet is America worthy (unless red dirt stained pants are the fashion these days). so we'll have to line up a girls shopping weekend to help me assimilate back into the culture! anyway. your girls are precious. you are a great mom (love those craft ideas).