Monday, March 19, 2012

The Titus Project

For the last couple of months on Sunday nights at church we have been having the Titus Project. This activity is for 3-12 graders and is based on Titus chapter 2. This is our second year to do this and things are running quite smoothly. We have a year of experience and have worked out some of the kinks. Students arrive around 5pm and go to their huddle groups of about 6-8 students and led by two adults. We have about 10 minutes to fellowship with our group and answer some ice-breaker questions before heading to our separate options. The older students did service projects for the first six weeks and the second six weeks they choose from three options - Teaching (learning how to teach a Bible class and preparing a lesson to actually teach to a class at church), Chorus (learning and performing songs), and Communications (learning how to read scripture, lead a prayer, and do skits). These students got to put into action what they were learning. For instance, during our worship time students led prayers, read scripture and performed skits.
Back to the schedule - they have about an hour during this option time before coming back to enjoy a meal together prepared by an awesome team of adults. We eat dinner with our huddle group which allows even more time to develop strong relationships within our group.
Following dinner, we have a worship time and a short lesson by Wes and some of the students. We then head back to our huddles for some discussion time based the lesson for that evening. After the first 6 weeks the groups switched, the older students will chose between the options while the younger students did service projects.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my huddle group of 6th grade girls. They are happy, eager to learn, and excited to be there each Sunday evening.
I was also in charge of the service projects for the older group. We visited a nearby nursing home, made Valentine cards for our Valentines Banquet that we hold each year for our members age 60 and up. We helped clean several shut-in's homes and yards, wrote letters to World Bible School students, learned about the different ministries within our church and helped students choose some ministries to sign up to help with. I really enjoyed planning all the activities and watching lives be blessed by our students in action.
Avery has been able to be a part of Titus Project for the first time this year, now that she in 3rd grade. This, naturally, makes Abby sad. She wishes she could be with Avery. Avery learned how to teach a Bible class and chose the story of Esther as the basis of the lesson she will teach to 3 year olds in the near future. She says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up, so this is right up her ally.
My prayer is that these students will learn what their gifts and talents are and how to use their gifts and talents for God's kingdom.

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Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

sounds like a great ministry. i know you are thrilled to haveyour daughter no involved. what a great opportunity!