Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update on Wes

Wes had his first oncology appointment at the Texas Cancer Center in Sherman this afternoon. Dr. Roque was very helpful and answered all our questions. She told us that the CT scans did show a spot on his lungs that was between 2-3 millimeters big. (This was a shock to us. We had not heard this before.) She had Wes do another chest X-ray today while we were there which, thankfully, found no abnormalities. She advised Wes to undergo 2 sessions of chemotherapy which will last 6 weeks. Wes will begin those on the 26th. He will go in to the Texas Cancer Center (in Sherman) for 5 days straight. He will receive the chemo through an IV for about 2 hours each day, coming home each day after the treatment. After two weeks he will repeat the 5 days of treatment. She said for him not to plan on going into work that whole weak he is going in for treatment. He will most likely experience nausea and fatigue and needs to take it easy. Each day after the week of treatment he should gradually feel better. She said most patients on this medication lose their hair. Three months after the treatment process he will be back to 75% normal. After about a year he should feel totally normal. (Hearing that was a little overwhelming.)

Thank you again for all your prayers and we are now praying that the chemotherapy does what it is supposed to do and that Wes will do well during the whole process.


Abbie said...

We will definitely be praying. I have never heard that it should take a full year to feel totally normal. Wow. We will pray for the treatment to be successful and for it to not be too discouraging. We love you! :)

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

Oh my! I bet all the news is way overwhelming right now. Thank God we have Him on our side holding us up! He has established peace for us (Isaiah 26). You all are in my prayers.

The Clem Family said...

Justin and I are praying for you guys.